S-Guard Bowie by Roger Bergh

Roger sent me these photos from Sweden of a project he is working on; A Custom S-Guard Bowie.

Thought I’d share:

“The Ko’olau” Pig Hunter

Jack Jenovese, custom knife maker from Hawaii is sending me a new knife to sell for him;

The “The Ko’olau” Pig Hunter

"The Ko'olau" Pig Hunter

“The Ko’olau” Pig Hunter


This is the only photo I have right now. The knife is on its way to me from Hawaii and I should have it some time this coming week. But it doesn’t mean you can’t buy it now. See all the details here


Sunday at the Gun Show






Robbie Dalton Scorpion

Robbie Dalton Scorpion OTF Automatic Knife added to the website

Robbie Dalton Scorpion

Robbie Dalton Scorpion Automatic OTF Knife


Overall Length: 9 – 3/16 along the outside curve

Blade Length: 4″ along the outside curve

Blade Thickness: 1/8″

Handle Thickness (not incl. clip): 0.488″


Harry Bennett Custom Knives

Added 2 knives by Harry Bennett, custom knife maker from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Harry is a lifetime member of the SASS Cowboy Action Shooters and loves to work with Damascus steel.

Both knives are reasonable priced and are on sale. More photos and their descriptions can be found here

Limited Run Spyderco

My supplier partnered with Santa fe Stoneworks to bring to exciting designs of the already hot selling Dragonfly (C28P). These unique designs are limited to only 50 of each model. Each knife is individually numbered.

Dragonfly Stoneworks Spydeco

Dragonfly Stoneworks Spydeco

Only 14 left! Order yours today Dragonfly Stoneworks Spydeco

October Website Updates

First off I added new drop down menus to the home page of the website to make it easier to navigate. Check it out and feel free to drop me a line at leopold@SonoranDesertKnives.com with your comments and/or suggestions.

Added 5 more Damascus Hunters by Gerome Weinand to his page here

Weekend Sale

Got a great deal for you this weekend on my website:

Queen Cutlery’s Shatt & Morgan Harness knife

Harness Knife

Shatt & Morgan Harness Knife

Sale good til 21 Oct 2012, I only have 3 in stock so it’s first come, first serve!

Ammons Collar Ring-Lock Folding Damascus Knife

Added tonight to the website is a beautiful custom handmade collar ring-lock folding Damascus knife made by Dave Ammons of Tucson, Arizona

Dave Ammons Collar Ring Lock Knife

Dave Ammons Collar Ring Lock Damascus Pocket Knife

2 New Cheshareck Custom Knives Added to the Website

Robert Cheshareck doesn’t just make his own knives, he makes his own Damascus too! Everything from your standard Damascus patterns to intricate Feather, Mosaic and Geometrical patterns and these two new knives are prime examples to the beauty of his work.

Cheshaeck Damascus Mosaic Knife

Cheshaeck Damascus Mosaic Knife

Cheshaeck Geometric Damascus Knife

Cheshaeck Geometric Damascus Knife



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