Weinand Custom Knives

I received about a dozen of Gerome Weinand’s custom knives in and have begun to place them up for sale on the website here.

It may take me a few or more days to get them all listed, here’s a few I already have done:

Bear Hunting Requires the Right Knife

Peter Pruyn of Brothersville Custom Knives created this beautiful bear hunter knife.


Brothersville Bear Hunter

See more photos & info here



AKCA September Meeting

Tonight, we had a nice show and tell from the BSA Mountain Men

Knife Display

Knives displayed by some of the AKCA member knife makers

Our Special Guest

Our Special Guest from the BSA

The Presentation

The Presentation by Eagle Eye, Hog, ?, & Standing Wolf

Vintage Knives

Vintage Trading Knives

Period Pieces

Period Pieces


Some Knives and period stuff made by the young men of the BSA

Standing Wolf

Standing Wolf of the Blackfeet

Trade Knife

Trade Knife by the Hudson Bay Company


Chief Knife by the Hudson Bay Company

Gentleman Hunter & Fighter Knife Set w/Pink Ivory Wood Handles

Very rare Pink Ivory Wood handle gentleman’s knife set by Ronald Frazier

Frazier Gentleman Hunter & Fighter Knife Set w/Pink Ivory Handles

Frazier Gentleman Hunter & Fighter Knife Set w/Pink Ivory Handles

Available at SonoranDesertKnives.com

Ronald Frazier Matched Set Fighter Daggers

Added to the web site is a beautiful matched set of Fighting Daggers by the late Ronald Frazier.

Frazier Matched Dagger Set

Frazier Matched Dagger Set

Beautiful Knife by Dr Fred Carter

Newly listed on the website for sale is this beautiful knife by Dr Fred Carter.

Dr. Fred Carter

Med Drop Point Hunter

Kemal Midnight Dagger Set

Up for sale on the website is a Don Fogg & Murad Sayen collaboration one of a kind set of daggers.

The name Kemal is an Arabic word referring to the state of balance between the creative power of the sun (Jelal) and the receptive power of the moon (Jemal). It can be literally translated as “balanced” or “perfect.” We chose this name for our business as a living ideal for the qualities that we tried to build into each knife.

Kemal Midnight Daggers

New Damascus Skull Snap Biker Knives

Exclusive listing: The first 3 original “OZ Knives” custom Damascus Skull Snap Biker Knives only at SonoranDesertKnives.com

Skull Snap

OZ Knives Custom Damascus Skull Snap Biker Knives

This is the only place you can get these exclusive one of a kind knives. Made by custom knife & leather sheath maker Jim Ort of Scottsdale, AZ

Ronald Frazier Matched Set Hunters


Knife Collection Insurance

So I got my Sept issue of Knife World Magazine this week but had no time to read it until this morning. One of the featured articles was on acquiring insurance on your knife collection. A pretty good idea if you have a fairly valuable collection. One of the companies mentioned was Collectibles Insurance Services, which I found out it is one of the companies my wife represents. So if you’re an Arizona, California, New Jersey or Illinois knife collector and are considering insuring your collection, Contact my wife Joyce at Aimpro Insurance: http://Aimpro.net.

They’re newly on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Aimpro-Insurance/121704197913923


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