One of Howard Viele’s First Knives

Double Edge Slip Knife

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2015 Best Business of Scottsdale


Sonoran Desert Knives has been selected as the 2015 Best Business of Scottsdale in the category of Outdoor Gear.

The Scottsdale Best Businesses Program is an annual program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Scottsdale area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.


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Switchblades Now Legal in Maine!

Maine’s LD 264, “An Act To Restore the Right To Possess Certain Knives That Are Used by Many Citizens as Tools,” repealing the state’s ban on switchblade (automatic) knives is now in effect. Maine is the ninth state to allow switchblades since Knife Rights started it Sharper Future™ campaign six years ago.
Automatic knives are now legal for civilians without restriction in 28 states, and legal with various restrictions in 10 more. Nine of those 28 states have been added by Knife Rights since 2010. Knife Rights passed the nation’s first repeal of a automatic knife ban in 2010 in New Hampshire and has since passed repeal of automatic knife bans (and repealed other knife restrictions) in Alaska, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee and Texas. In Oklahoma,this year Knife Rights’ legalized concealed carry of an switchblade (automatic) knife which takes effect on November 1st
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CSCA September Meeting

September CSC Meeting Page

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Old Bear Knives Pre-Inventory Sale

Old Bear ™ is our new and exclusive folding knife line featuring simple and ergonomic lines. It marks and celebrates the 90ᵗʰ anniversary of our company Antonini Knives (1925-2015). This remarkable knife line intentionally involves handcrafted production processes engaging high levels of manual production, skilled and experienced manufacture. The handle knife is in aged oil-treated walnut wood, while its blade is in stainless steel and is stone sharpened by skilled and qualified craftsman’ hands. The Old Bear ™ knife comes without spring meaning its blade locking system features a solid safety ring that fixed the blade in open and closed position. Currently Old Bear ™ knife line is available in two sizes: M (cm. 19 – 7 ½”) and L (cm. 21 – 8¼”) as above analytically presented. The knife blade comes with our salt-etched Old Bear ™ logo and into a single fashionable and personalized paper box.

Old_Bear_21_&_19 Old_Bear_Expo

BLADE: Hardened AISI 420 steel – HRC 54/56 FINISHING: Polished stainless steel HANDLE: Aged walnut wood SAFETY RING: Brass with locking

Made in Italy

We are expecting our first shipment of these knives in by Aug 20th. Be the first to own one of these beautifully handcrafted knives.

To Order at our Pre-Inventory Price Sale click here

Gil Hibben 1990’s Collection

Recently, I received a collection of Gil Hibben knives made by United Cutlery in the 1990’s.
All are in mint or near mint condition. All have the original sheaths and the original boxes. A few of the boxes have a small tear but over all they are in very good shape for being over 20 years old.

IMG_4468 IMG_4479 IMG_4486 IMG_4500

Here’s a list of the knives:

Silver Shadow – 1990
Double Shadow – 1991
Highlander Bowie – 1992
Silver Shadow Black – 1993
Dark Shadow -1993
Silent Shadow – 1993
Silver Shadow 11 – 1993
Raven Fantasy Fighter – 1993
Double Shadow Black – 1993
Black Silver Highlander Bowie – 1994
Raptor Fantasy Fighter – 1994
Mortal Kombat Raptor – 1994
Warbird Dagger – 1995
Warbird Bowie – 1995
Dragon Lord – 1996

As you can see some are rare and hard to find pieces.

View The Complete Collection

There are a few more to add, so keep and eye on the website over the next several days

Ka-Bar Re-Introduces EK Knives

The Rebirth of Ek Knives

KA-BAR is proud to be the living link between the tradition of John Ek and the Ek Commando Knife Co.

Ek Commando Knife Co. was born during the Second World War and has become a staple of the US military ever since.

KA-BAR Ek Commando Knives are made in the USA.

I have been waiting for these to come out ever since Ka-Bar announced they bought the company early last year.

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The Ulster Knife Co.

Ulster Knife Works

Ulster Knife Works

Ulster Knife Company, founded in the 1870’s in Ellenville, NY. From the 1870’s through about 1940, produced very high quality pocketknives, similar to Schrade during the Schrade Cut Co era. For knives of that period, I would rate the Ulster brand as actually being more collectible than Schrade because the brand is completely gone.

Ulster was bought out by Albert Baer in 1904. They retooled and produced a much more “mass market” type pocket knife, similar to Camillus and Kutmaster. When Ulster then was absorbed into Imperial Schrade, they of course ceased to be a separate company but the name was a “brand”. Similar to Ford/Mercury or GM/Chevy/Buick etc.

From post WWII through the mid 1970’s, Imperial, Ulster, and Schrade knives were made by one company, Imperial Schrade. Imperial was the “low end” line, Ulster was the “mid-grade” line, and Schrade was the “high end” line.

The Ulsters were a step down in quality from Schrade, thinner blade stock, thinner bolsters (but still solid nickel silver), and a less broad range of patterns made. In my 1963 catalog of Schrade and Ulster, the Ulsters were about half the price of Schrades for equivalent patterns.

The funny part of this is that all these knives were made on the same machines. They also were all part of a company owned by the same person. Is it any wonder that you run across the same or similar numbers and styles. In fact that is kind of what makes these knives fun. It is nice to think that everything is regimented and in a nice order but the fact is you can find combinations no one ever knew existed. There has never really been a good codification and listing of Schrade knives and any records are usually post WW II prior to that you have there catalog which only shows the regular styles and models. Which is far from inclusive of everything they made some styles were produced in such small quantity’s that they never made the catalog, prototypes, saleman’s samples, overruns incorporating what ever was left from the last run, mistakes, just to name a few examples.

The company factory was shut down in 2004 and the Schrade brand name was bought up by Taylor Brands of Tenn.

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Knives by Dean Laner Custom Knife Maker

Here are two nice knives from California knife maker Dean Laner

Custom Clip Point Hunter

Custom Clip Point Hunter with Zebra Wood Scales

Custom Tactical Utility

Paracord Wrapped Custom Tactical Utility

June Copper State Cutlery Meeting

June CSC Meeting Page

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