Was at the AKCA meeting last night where  I am now the treasurer of the club. Most of the usual local characters were there. The big news is that the 2 Phoenix clubs, the Azizona Knife Collectors Association & the Copper State Cutlery Association will mearge as one club. More news and info to follow next month’s meeting.

The AKCA has decided on the location and the date for the 2011 Knife Show to be held in January. More blogging on that to follow.

Interesting is that we had a guest, Jose Valencia who is an engraver/carver. He brought several samples of his work which was just beautiful. He does gunstock carving and metal engraving. I’ve been invited to his shop to see his projects and to watch how he does what he does. I’m thinking about bringing a few knives to have him work on. Either way I’ll have more photos to post soon.

I picked up my first club knife #88, made by Master Knife Maker Ray Bar. It is high carbon Damascus forged from a railroad rail and the handle is forged from a railroad spike. Pictures and info to follow in a future blog. I also bought a mosaic feather from him which was done in high carbon steel, nickel & silver. Will have photo’s up soon.


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