SDK 1st Custom Knife Raffle

Raffle Rules

So this is the way it will work
There will be twenty-six spots numbered 1-26
that means you have a one in twenty-six chance of getting a custom knife at a hell of a price!
the raffle wont start till all twenty-six spots are filled and payments are received
You can request a specific # if it is not already filled

The first knife will be one of my SDK Desert Trackers,

Spots cost $10 each which includes shipping if you win
The winning number will be determined by the first number drawn in the Arizona state lottery CA$H4 drawing the first Wednesday after all money is collected.$H4.html?GameID=9&TokenID=
The raffle will be the first Wednesday following receipt of all funds. I’ll email all participants with updates on the spots filled. Checks, cash, would be preferable, as paypal takes a percentage, and has a problem with raffles. If you must use paypal, put in the notation line “Farm Tool”.

To get in on this raffle E-mail me with a confirmation and a specific #, if your # is full I’ll just put you in the next empty slot.

You can send payment to:

Sonoran Desert Knives, 6233 E Waltann Ln., Scottsdale, AZ 85254. I’m able to take Credit Card over the phone 602-397-0053

This will become a regular event if participation is good.


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