John Benson Owner of Shadow Tech Knives

I would like to share a conversation I had with John Benson, owner of Shadow Tech Knives when asked about their products.


Thanks for giving our knives a try. Let me tell you a little about us. We have been in the retail end of the cutlery business for 11 years now and a lot of what we do comes from experience. I remember when Tops came out and we bought them for our store and they are great but no box, hard to display. Esse and Fox are great knife companies as well. We custom hand grind every knife and everything in the knife and sheath system are US made products. Our knives like the others have a purpose, the Scorpion for instance is made for penetration. If you want a utility knife look at a Talon or Backup with a bowie grind on it. I tell people we are 99% tactical everything is built with a purpose in mind. Our sheath system gives you over 32 ways to carry the knife, most companies give less than 10. We love what we do! We were at Blade show for the first time this year and several companies picked up the line, it is just starting to show up on distributor sites.

John Benson

You can find Shadow Tech knives on my website here

Shadow Tech

Shadow Tech


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