Rescue Knives & Tools: Why You Need to Have One

A few months ago an 11 month old infant died tragically in a burning car because none of the onlookers happen to have a knife to cut the baby free from the jammed seat-belt. Last year the same thing happened to a young girl. And yet another example is when two off-duty firefighters failed to get a 4 year old out of a burning SUV for the same reason, nobody was carrying a knife.

When you are in a car crash and the vehicle is burning, seconds count. You don’t have time to wait for first responders to get there. You need to act immediately. I always carry a knife on me. I also have one in the glove box and one in the seat consul, but I live in a state where having a knife is not a crime.

Yet, there are some places that it is simply against the law to carry a knife (L.A. is a prime example), and a lot of people are really law-abiding citizens who don’t want to carry a knife on their persons or in their vehicles. Well there are options. One such is the one I placed in my daughter’s car and one in my wife’s SUV; The Boker ResCom designed by Chad Los Banos


Boker ResCom

Weighing on 2.8 oz, its attached to my daughter’s and wife’s seat belts unobtrusively, but ready at hand if and when needed.

and there are other “tools” you could consider carrying or having close at hand

Emergency Rescue Cutter

Emergency Rescue Cutter II

FKMD M.P.S.K. Rescue Multi-Tool

FKMD R.T.2 Airborne Rescue Tool

Assisted Open Rescue Knife

McGowan M.A.K.-1 Rescue Knife & Tactical Rescue Knife

Cop Tool



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