GEC Equestrian’s Trapper Knife w/Exotic Mexican Bocote Wood Handle

So I log into the other night only to come across a conversation between Hog and Tuna about a GEC knife up for bid on ebay. They were wondering if the knife was really a GEC knife or not. I did a quick internet search and came up with info showing it was a real GEC knife and shared the info with the guys. But, they still declined to make a bid which was ending in a few minutes. So I placed the bid and won the knife.

Great Eastern Cutlery Equestrian's Trapper Knife

Great Eastern Cutlery Equestrian’s Trapper Knife

With a little more research, I found out that the knife was made in 2009 and only 35 pieces were made. Pretty happy that I bid and now am awaiting the arrival of my purchase.


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  1. Great knife, had it a whole four hours before it sold.

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