Combat Knife Fighting Tips

Very interesting article I found on the web which was written in 2009

1. Always attack with the knife in your REARMOST hand — preferably from concealment. Use the knife in your lead hand only when defending yourself and/or when dealing (rarely!) with another individual who also has a knife.

2. Throw dirt in your opponent’s face when you attack. And shout, unless silence is literally required by the mission.

3. Slashes get you in, stabs finish the job. Stab for the THROAT, for the HEART, or for the ABDOMINAL area. Once the blade is driven in, cut across hard — this insures optimum shock.

4. Don’t forget that you have feet and another hand! Kick, use the free hand to parry or foil, and drive fingers into an enemy’s eyes, etc. Unarmed combat is prerequisite to learning how to employ a knife.

5. Practice occasionally by using a kitchen knife, a folding knife, a hunting knife, etc., as well as a screwdriver, a utility knife, and even perhaps a shard of glass. These items should be as easily managed by you — using basically good knifework tactics — as a fighting knife. In certain crisis situations, one of these items may be all that you have.

You can read the entire article here:

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