Chris Wolf Pocket Knife

Want to own a piece of American History? My brother Marc of has listed an antique Chris Wolf folding pocket knife on ebay:

Chris Wolf Knife

Chris Wolf Knife

Chris Wolf wood handled swell end jumbo jack. (This is one of the knives made in the garage by the Schatt & Morgan foremen who would later start Queen. 4 1/4″


The Schatt & Morgan and Queen history from what I have read, was a little bit more than colorful. The knife book I have states that Chris Wolf was a higher level foreman for Schatt & Morgan and dates these knives to c1920.

I have read opinions in other forums. Some state that these “experimental” knives made as “gifts” to be given out by S&M management. Others seem to believe these might have been some of the knives, like you have stated, that were made in a garage. It seems unclear if this would have been done before the employees left S&M or after they departed, but before Queen actually was established.

Original and a piece of history.

And From “All About Pocket Knives” Forum

I just joined the forum, having been a reader for sometime now. This post caught my eye and maybe I can add to the mystery of this Chris Wolf knife. I also have a couple of this knife ands one with a blade stamping of Jess Crouch. Wolf was a senior manager at S&M but I don’t know just what oposition he held of when. We do know something about Crouch. David Krauss noted in his book the Crouch started out with S&M in Gowanda, NY in 1898, moved to Titusville when the company moved. He died in 1921. I will post a photo of the Crouch knife. You will notice that in the picture there is heavy stamp that was used to stamp the blade. That stamp is still in Queen factory. I took the photo in 2005.
My speculation only, but think these knives must have been made by some of the officers at S&M and possibly given to friends. They are heavy as PA described, the blade and spring being about 5/32″ thick. Walnut handles. No nail pull. 4 1/2″ long closed. Probably made between 1910 and the start of WWI, I am guessing.

David Krauss and I found a little more history about Morgan and Crouch and a tie to Atlanta and the Dollar Knife Companies. I will will c paste the info below:

Jay Rudasill
Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Company

The Titusville Herald August 2, 1918:  newspaper article – at a Board of Directors meeting of the Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Company, Charles B. Morgan was elected President and Jay Rudasill of Atlanta was elected as Vice President. One year later in August 2, 1919 he was listed as both Vice President and Director.

The Titusville Herald May 2, 1921: newspaper article – The interest of the late J. V. Couch was purchased by Charles B. Morgan and Jay Rudasill of Atlanta Georgia. Mr. Rudasill, who was Vice President, will become President of the company and Mr. Morgan, who was President will succeed Mr. Couch as secretary-treasure and will also be General Manager. Earl E. Highhouse has been chosen Vice President.

So here is some detail about Jay Rudasill: The first listing in the Atlanta City Directories was in 1915, traveling salesman living at 68 Druid Circle, Atlanta. There is no mention of any specific companies he was associated with. He was listed as a traveling salesman every year after that until 1934 where he was listed as a station attendant.

He most certainly was a sales representative for S&M, and probably a very good one having gained the position as Vice President by 1918 and President in 1921. For 18 years he was involved with the S&M Company from it’s heydays to it demise in 1933.

He certainly had to have had an association with Paul W. Jones during the time that Jones got the Dollar Knife Trademark and S&M made the Dollar Knife Corporation, Atlanta knives. Rudasill must have been Jones’ connection to S&M and since Rudasill was a traveling salesman he may have been the “idea man” for the development of the Dollar Knife idea, even with Theo M. Green in Oklahoma. We may never know for sure.

Rudasill was a contemporary of Morgan, J. V. Crouch and had to know the key people that left S&M to start Queen City.

In 1921 Rudasill was listed with a wife named Della. They were listed every year after that together living at 68 Druid Circle until 1949. There was no listing after that.

1944 Rudasill was a clerk at the Merchant Salvage Co., 1947 he was an apartment manager.

David Clark, Nov. 2005

The notes above may be full of more question and answers but I thought this info would be of interest.



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