Boker Plus KAL 10 Fighting Knife


Boker Plus KAL 10 Fighting Knife

Scavanged by Baehr Manley

Many zombie survival experts tend to lean towards some hardcore tools and weapons, like swords and crowbars, but most of us here at ZPrepared prefer a rugged combat knife. It’s not the greatest weapon against the undead (firearms can’t really be beat in most cases), but the sheer versatility can’t be argued. It’s a tool and a weapon, they’re always easy to carry, and chances are, you’ve always got one on your person. So when we saw the Boker KAL 10 Fixed Blade fighting knife, this was an easy choice to add to the site. A knife as rugged and tough as the Automat Kalashnikov, with just as much style belongs here. The thumb notch and grip make it perfect for combat handling, and the point is tailor-made to punch right through to the cash and prizes of a zombie’s cranium.

From the blog Zprepared


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