NJ UPDATE: Gun Free Zones –>> Knife Free Zones

Knife Rights

New Jersey Assembly bill A1387, which would permit municipalities to establish huge swaths of “weapons free zones” around schools, parks and “public facilities” within which possession of “any dangerous knife” would be prohibited, under penalty of fine and imprisonment, was passed by the full Assembly, along with a package of 19 other anti-gun bills, by decidedly partisan votes. We do know that your emails and calls were heard, but the steamroller in the Assembly was unstoppable. HOWEVER, THIS BILL HAS NOT YET BECOME LAW.

The bill now moves to the NJ Senate, a somewhat more deliberative body where all indications are that there is no desire to steamroll the bill package that passed in the Assembly. A1387will face brand new scrutiny and a full committee hearing in the Senate, if it is even moved forward there at all. Not all the bills passed by the Assembly yesterday will even get a hearing in the Senate. In any case, we will have a better chance to remove the “any dangerous knife” language during a hearing process, which was bypassed in the Assembly.

We will alert you to act if and when the bill begins moving in the Senate process and it is time to write and call NJ’s senators about this insanity.

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  1. There is no possible way that this will keep knives off the streets and out of criminal hands. This is only taking knives out of law abiding citizens hands for useful and defensive purposes. It’s truly ridiculous.

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