Goodbye folks – I won’t be able to make anymore knives

Post from the Jerzeedevil forum:

Ruben Calo

  Ruben Calo


I love making knives and I really enjoyed this path I’ve chose for my life, but sadly a change must come.

Mid 2012 I started to have some weird health issues, that ultimately turned out to be diagnosed as lung cancer, already extended to the pleura.

I had to stop working for a month or two, but eventually I managed to resume working, though at a much slower pace than before.

Chemo/rad wasn’t helping much, and about 10 days ago, probably due to lower defenses, I got a previous condition come back in force, forcing my wife to rush me to the ER to have an emergency surgery. They kept me at the ICU until today, when they finally cleared me to go rest at home.

As a result of both of these conditions, I won’t be able to keep working on knives or anything physical anymore.

I’ve already had the people with pending orders contacted on an individual basis, so this is my general farewell to knife making. I wanted you guys to know directly from the source so to speak.

I’ve enjoyed this journey immensely and for the last decade, it allowed me to interact with people all over the world. I started making knives because I loved them, and I hope all the ones I’ve made in all these years keep on serving the owners as intended.

I’d like to thank each one of you that purchased a knife from me and allowed me to live this dream of me for this long, and to everyone that ever saw a knife from me and thought it was a decent looking piece of cutlery.

From now on, all correspondence sent to me will be handled directly by my webmaster.

This is the last knife I’ve made, finished about 15 days ago, after several months of working on it


Show must go on.

– Ruben Calo, Buenos Aires

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  1. My prayers are with you…

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