The Carl August Meis Knife Company

In 1872, Carl August Meis ( 1846-1917 ) , the eponymous company in a small house on the shore slate garden in Solingen. In the first years of cutlery and scissors were produced for the German market. 1888 was added the pocket knife production.

1903 Meis acquired a plot of land at Eagle Street , on which a factory building was built with an apartment a year later. Only this magnification made ​​an extensive pocket knife production possible.

At the death of the founder , his son Carl Gustav Meis (1876-1937) supported by the foreman Karl Kaufmann , the line . In the years between the two world wars, the Executive Committee had further specialization continues to pocket knives.

1924 took Carl August Meis ( 1908-1969 ) – the grandson of the company founder – after a businessman training on business in the family business . Meis developed into a supplier of numerous Solingen cutlery manufacturer.

1958 Kurt Gronau joined the operation. Domestic business was further expanded , but gradually began under increasing pocket knife import to suffer. Therefore Meis made ​​contact with foreign markets .

In 1965 he graduated from the Junkerstrasse – the present site – a factory building with apartments . The new location until 31 December 1965 still active pocket knife manufacturer Friedrich Olbertz was taken with his company name . The sales took place in Germany under the name Carl August Meis abroad under Friedrich Olbertz instead .

About 1970 had been largely limited to producing for a wide clientele in the products of medium quality . Since the domestic and foreign competition increasingly cost-effective at the same or better quality produced by increased use of machinery , the company threatened to shut down. By specializing in the collector market , which demanded an a significant increase of the production quality , the crisis has been overcome. By having only produced to order, and the costly storage was largely abolished.

In the U.S. they found a large market where the product pocketknife as an art object and value system has a similar meaning as for the Europeans stamps or coins . Always only the name of the large customers, never the producer appears on the blade of the pocket knife.

However, the name of Gronau is known. Over the past 30 years, about 3800 different use and collector’s knives were produced , which differ in shape, scales and etching. Besides Beschalungen mother of pearl , deer horn, bone and horn , there are numerous models pocket knife with celluloid and plastic trays . A large part of the knife is produced as a limited edition knife of the year .

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