Two Beautiful Art Knives Added to the Site

I’ve added two beautiful art knives to the website for sale. Both knives were scrimshaw by master artist Rick B Field. An excellent article on Rick was done by the Orlando Post back in 1986. You can read it here. Fields used a magnifying glass when he scrimmed — carved minute lines — and stippled — made tiny, light dots — on his creations in ancient ivory. He was known for much of his scrimshaw work for the Franklin Mint. Unfortunately, Rick was taken from us at the age of 47 by cancer in 2001. But much of his work is still in high demand by collectors.

The first knife is a Presentation grade Dagger by Master Willie Rigney. Knives by Willie Rigney are among the most sought after works in the custom knife world. Add to that the fact that Willie is no longer making knives and you have something truly rare and exceptional. This is one of the nicest Rigney Art Daggers I’ve ever seen, and the scrimshaw by Master Rick Field really adds a special touch. The fossil ivory handle is attractively carved from presentation-grade fossil ivory, and the blade is ground as only a master can.

Dagger by Willie Rigney Scrimshaw by Rick B. Field

Dagger by Willie Rigney
Scrimshaw by Rick B. Field

Most serious collectors will tell you that Willie Rigney may be the only maker you can compare directly to deceased legend Buster Warenski when it comes to fancy art daggers, but Willie made far fewer knives than Buster so they are even more difficult to find.

It is not often that a Willie Rigney knife becomes available for sale, don’t let this one slip bye.

The second knife is a straight back hunter by Mike Zscherny. Mike Zscherny is a full time knifemaker who has been making knives since 1978. For quite some time Mike made art knives, specializing in liner lock folders using Damascus steel and natural handle materials such as pearl and ivory. Some years back Mike switched gears and started making traditional slip joint style knives, in the Bose style.become a “rock-star” with respect to this genre of knives. His fit and finish is top notch, his pieces walk and talk like they should and his waiting list is well over 2 years long.

Straight Back Hunter by Mike Zscherny Scrimshaw by Rick B. Field

Straight Back Hunter by Mike Zscherny
Scrimshaw by Rick B. Field

This piece was made Circa 1990


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