Happy Independence Day!!

independence day

The July 4th Celebrations Go Fourth

I believe our country is still a great country. Though we may have been weakened in the eyes of others around the world. People are still wanting to come here, to raise their families in freedom.

My grandfather came to this country in 1914 in search for work and to find a better life. He did. My father fought in WWII to defend this country that he was born in. I myself served in the all volunteer Army during the cold war. My brother served in Desert Storm and my youngest brother served in Desert Shield.

There are many who have served our country, not just in the military, but in many other ways. It is this spirit of servitude to a great nation is why we stand head and shoulders above all others. It is our sense of independence, not dependence which helped create our strong foundations of freedom.

As you go forth this Independence Day, look around, if you see a need, step up and take care of it. Not just in your home, but in your neighborhood, town or city. Stand up to be counted. It’s the American Way!


Be safe, stay armed and have a Happy Independence Day!

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