Gil Hibben 1990’s Collection

Recently, I received a collection of Gil Hibben knives made by United Cutlery in the 1990’s.
All are in mint or near mint condition. All have the original sheaths and the original boxes. A few of the boxes have a small tear but over all they are in very good shape for being over 20 years old.

IMG_4468 IMG_4479 IMG_4486 IMG_4500

Here’s a list of the knives:

Silver Shadow – 1990
Double Shadow – 1991
Highlander Bowie – 1992
Silver Shadow Black – 1993
Dark Shadow -1993
Silent Shadow – 1993
Silver Shadow 11 – 1993
Raven Fantasy Fighter – 1993
Double Shadow Black – 1993
Black Silver Highlander Bowie – 1994
Raptor Fantasy Fighter – 1994
Mortal Kombat Raptor – 1994
Warbird Dagger – 1995
Warbird Bowie – 1995
Dragon Lord – 1996

As you can see some are rare and hard to find pieces.

View The Complete Collection

There are a few more to add, so keep and eye on the website over the next several days


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