Surefire Edged Weapons

SureFire customers — soldiers in combat zones, street-level law enforcement personnel, members of SWAT teams, and members of military special operations groups — are the most demanding in the world.

To make certain Surefire met their demands, their knives were created with input from experts and end-users. Surefire paid close attention to every detail of design, construction, and manufacturing — from tungsten carbide-coated Crucible CPMS30V steel blades, to ergonomics, precise manufacturing tolerances, and hand finishing.

The result: edged weapons that are tough, efficient, effective, and reliable under the harshest conditions. Knives you can count on when your life is on the line. Which is exactly what you’d expect from SureFire, the tactical technology company.

Surefire knives were designed by Steve Ryan of Ryan Knives fame.

In 2013 Surefire closed down their edged weapons division:

Despite its popularity, the business never became a financial success. “Edged weapons has never been a profitable business for us,” said Surefire Director of Marketing Sean Clemence. “We will continue making pens,” he said, “but we are winding down the edged-weapons business and putting those resources into other projects.”

By winding down, Clemence means that all production on edged weapons will cease in the coming months as raw materials and parts are exhausted. Right now, Surefire has EW-04 Deltas, EW-12 Jekylls and even some of the semi-released Surefire Push Daggers in stock along with smaller numbers of other knives. But, all inventory will be gone by the end of March 2013.

Ultimately, the closing came down to profits. Surefire knives were made with expensive materials in small quantities. Despite their popularity, “when you take a look at the profit margins,” says Clemence, “the demand was never there to make it a profitable business.”

The above was taken from Military Times.

I recently received two Surefire knives in for sale. A Dart and an Edge. These knives are highly collectable and very hard to get.  They are NIB and have never been carried or used.  Click here to be taken to the website for more information



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