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Shahzad Ahmad sent 3 knives to add to our inventory. These are all 1095 high carbon steel and well made. Each comes with a quality hand made leather sheath that also has a place for a fire steel.


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Bushcraft/Survival Knives

skill at living in the bush.

The term was coined after the means of survival in the Australian outback or “bush country.” Good bushcraft skills mean the difference between life and death, and those skills are hugely enhanced by a good knife, your primary tool.
The right bushcraft knife is an essential tool in order to be able to survive.
It must be part hunting knife, part tactical knife, and part camping knife since you will be carrying for the foreseeable, and often unforeseeable, future. It needs to be able to cut limbs for fires and cooking, as well as building shelters. It should be capable of cleaning and skinning an animal as well as basic self-defense. It must have a full tang since it will be put through countless hours of abuse.
There are quite a few good knives out there to be used in the bush. But when it comes to my survival, there are only a couple knives I would count on.
The Gear2Survive Classic Bushcraft knife designed by Marc Lacrimosa (yes my brother) and built by Shadow Tech Knives in Ohio.


The other is the new Defiant Bushcraft knife designed by Abe Ellis and built by Colonial Knives of Rhode Island.




Why these two knives?

  • Both of these knives are heavy duty knives without being so large as to make it difficult to be able handle small tasks.
  • Both knives are guaranteed for life by the manufacturers. (They are able to outlast you).
  • Both knives can handle multiple tasks.
  • Both knives are large enough to be used in a self-defense situation
  • Both knives have sheaths that allow multiple ways to carry


Bellow is a side by side comparison:


Here’s what others are saying about the knives:
Colonial Knife Corp: “It more than met my expectations”

Gear2Survive: “It feels like an ESEE, only better”


Both knives are great knives and would make you feel as if you’re able survive the bush a hell of a lot easier!

6 Hunting Knives by Jeff Morgan

California knife maker Jeff Morgan makes a no-nonsense hunting knife. Made of 1095 high carbon steel. His knives are bought by hunters, cattlemen, farmers, ranchers the world over. The really great thing about his knives is that you can have a hand made custom working knife that will last for years for right around $100.00.







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New Bushcraft Knife

Bushcraft is a popular term for wilderness skills in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The term was popularized in the southern hemisphere by Les Hiddins (The Bush Tucker Man) in Australia as well as in the northern hemisphere by Mors Kochanski and recently gained considerable currency in the United Kingdom due to the popularity of Ray Mears and his bushcraft and survival television programs. It is also becoming popular in urban areas where the average person is separated from nature.

Bushcraft is about thriving in the natural environment, and the acquisition of the skills and knowledge to do so. Bushcraft skills include firecraft, tracking, hunting, fishing, shelter building, the use of tools such as knives and axes, foraging, hand-carving wood, container construction from natural materials, and rope and twine-making, among others.

Introducing the Georgia Bushcraft knife designed by Marc Lacrimosa and built by Shadow Tech knives

item_793 10462994_609684009149932_5016508417496237190_n 10416998_609684045816595_1456875882477983511_n 10385317_609683962483270_6638690774897393926_n

Bush-crafting is here to stay.

Overall Length: 9″ inches
Blade Length: ” inches
Blade Thickness: 3/16 inches
Blade Finish: Powder Coat
Blade Steel: 1095 H.C
Handle Material: Micarta
Sheath Material: Kydex
Rockwell Hardness: 58-60
Screws: Stainless
SPEC 10: Warranty for Life
Made In: USA

Available Now at

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Newt Livesay

Newt Livesay

Newt Livesay

Who is Newt? He is a self proclaimed Southern born American Author, Politically In-Correct Philosopher & Raconteur, Banged Up Warrior, Hard Living Adventurer, Lover & Knife Maker Extraordinaire.

What do I know about him? I know this man has a love for our military personal and looks to equip them with the absolute best knives he can make for them. This is what “he” says about his knives:


Livesay Combat Knives are used by Hard Charging Warriors around the World that can Swim Faster, Scuba Dive to Unbelievable Depths, Shoot Straighter, Sky-drive or HALO from Incredible Heights, Fight Better and Dirtier all the time Wining Wars with Honor, Loving Women, Pushing Deeper and Harder when needed,. They can Empty Bars, Quell Riots, Convert Virgins, End Revolutions, Tame Tigers, Organize Orgies, and Plan Church Socials in their spare time while killing Rats. These People are Hard Core, High Speed, Low Drag Individuals who care enough to Carry and Request the Best

Knives for Professional Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, and just damn good people”

If you have ever held a Livesay knife in your hands, you would know that they are built to last through hard ass usage. Maybe that’s why many service men heading over to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other theaters of war elect to carry a Livesay Combat Knife with them.

SERE Combat/Survival Knife

SERE Combat/Survival Knife


SERE Combat/Survival Knife

SERE Combat/Survival Knife

Custom Air Assault Knife

Custom Air Assault Knife

Woo Combat Neck Knife

Woo Combat Neck Knife

 Newt is now retired from full time knife making though still makes a knife or two now and then. But his knives are quickly selling out fast and there are fewer and fewer to be had.


20″ Bowie Knife

There is not too many of this sized Bowie knives around. Believe me when I say this is one big Bowie. At just under 20″ this knife was designed by and made for Western Artist John Hill by custom knife maker Jim Ort of Oz knives.

Ort/Hill Bowie

Made of 1095 high carbon polished steel

Ort/Hill Bowie

The blade alone is 14.25″ long

Ort/Hill Bowie Ort/Hill Bowie

Beautiful Crown Stag Handle

Ort/Hill Bowie

Leather Sheath also by Jim Ort

Interested in adding this to your collection? Check it out on the web site here


Tensas Knife by Bayou Knives

The Tensas Knife

Tensas Knife


Buy it here

Handmade and Affordable

Joe Rollings Handcrafted High Carbon Steel Skinner:

Rollings Skinner


$45.00 On Sale Here

Deubel Custom Spearpoint Cowboy Knife

Beautiful cowboy knife by CJ Deubel on sale!

CJ Duebel Cowboy Knife

CJ Duebel Cowboy Knife

Jeremy Robertson – Knife Maker

Jeremy Robertson

Jeremy Robertson

I want to introduce you to an up and coming knife maker from California who’s knives are now featured on my website, and that is Jeremy Robertson. Jeremy is a full time pilot and part time knife maker and owns Calavera Cutlery. His philosophy is to bring quality custom handmade knives into the hands of the working man/woman at an affordable price.

Calavera Cutlery                                                         His knives are all made personally by Jeremy using raw materials such as 1095 High Carbon steel, natural and stabilized wood, Micarta, G-10 and sheaths made of premium 8-9oz cowhide leather or Kydex.

His knives are flat ground and leave his shop razor sharp.

Calavera CutleryIf your are a serious hunter, outdoorsman, police officer, or soldier in the field, his knives will serve you well and give you a lifetime of satisfaction!