Cholla Wood & Turquoise Clip Point Hunters

Here’s a matching pair of beautiful clip point hunters made by Massachusettes knife maker Roger Query. Now living in Phoenix, Arizona, he’s using natural Cholla Wood found in the desert for handles. Reconstuted Arizona Turquoise is used to fill in the Cholla Wood holes giving these knives a nice weight and balance between the knife blade and the handles.

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Jim Gill’s Slip Joint Pocket Knife

I met Jim Gill 6 years ago when I first joined the Arizona Knife Collectors Association. I became a fan of his work right away. His attention to detail puts him up there with the best of makers. He is meticulous in his craft and his knives show it. They are highly sought after by collectors and are hard to come by as he only crafts a few knives each year.

Here is a slip joint folder that he made. It is a great knife. Made of high polished 440c steel, the blade opens with absolutely no play. The titanium liners are filed work to give it exceptional beauty. But what sets this knife apart is the Lignum Vitae wood handles.

From the Caribbean, The Lignum vitae wood is very important for applications requiring a material with its extraordinary combination of strength, toughness and density. This  heartwood color can range from a pale yellowish olive, to a deeper forest green or dark brown to almost black. Grain has a unique feathered pattern when viewed up close. The color tends to darken with age, especially upon exposure to light. The grain of the wood is interlocked, sometimes severely so. Lignum Vitae is regarded by most to be both the heaviest and hardest wood in the world. Its durability in submerged or ground-contact applications is also exceptional. It is used in tool handles, mallet heads, bearings, bushings, pulley wheels, and turned objects as well as being used as for propeller shaft bearings on ships, and its natural oils provide self-lubrication that gives the wood excellent wear resistance.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jim Gill’s Slip Joint Pocket Knife:

IMG_4119 IMG_4120 IMG_4121

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Eagle Eye Knife Company

Sonoran Desert Knives Brings You An Excellent Series Of Knives That Will Hold An Edge And Gives You A Knife That You Will Enjoy, Use And Be Proud Of.

Eagle Eye Knife Company Gives You The Finest Toledo 440 Stainless Steels Available On The Market And Just Right On The Rockwell Hardness To Give You A Knife That Will Hold And Hold An Edge While It Is Very Easy To Sharpen For You.  The Knives Are All Full Tang Knives.  We Also Bring You The Finest Natural Wood Handles Available For That Distinctive Look And Feel With Great Quality.  We Also Offer You Unique Bull Horn Handles .

The Leather Sheaths Are Full Tanned And Of The Finest Quality Available To You.  Extreme Care In The Manufacturing And Quality Inspections Offer You One Of The Finest Knives In The World Marketplace.

We Will Also Give You An Unconditional Full Lifetime Warranty Against Any Manufacturing Defects On The Knives.  The Pocket Knives Are Also Extremely Well Manufactured And Offers You A Wide Selection From Small Handy Ones To Larger Working Models.  Unique Designs And Styles Will Give You An Edge And A Knife You Can Be Proud Of To Own.

Stainless Steel And Or Brass Bolsters Are Used Throughout The Knives.  Eagle Eye Knife Co. Brings Together Traditional Hand Craftsmanship From Spain With The Modern Technology In Every One Of Our Products. 

Rose Wood Double Edge Dagger

Rose Wood Double Edge Dagger

Rose Wood Fighter

Rose Wood Fighter

Crown Stag Bowie

Crown Stag Bowie

Bull Horn Clip Point Hunter

Bull Horn Clip Point Hunter

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Bruce – Elkhorn Knives


Added to the web site, two very nice custom Elkhorn knives by Bruce. Both for under $200

IMG_2554 IMG_2559

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USA Made Elkhorn Knives

Picked up a couple of these knives at a show; Elkhorn Knives. They are good quality, custom USA made knives.

IMG_2554 IMG_2558

These are listed under my fixed blade section on the website,

Yea, It’s That Beautiful!

Just in; Custom Karambit by Mangkorn Detyong of Thailand

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit

Custom Karambit


Blade: 440c Stainless Steel

Blade Length: 2 2/16

Handle: 304 Stainless Steel and Black-lip Mother of Pearl Inlay

Liner Lock

Frame: 304 & 403 Stainless Steel and crushed Abalone Shell

Closed Length: 5 2/16″

Overall Length: 7 10/16″


New Custom Knives Added to the Website

We have updated the Custom Knife Makers page on the website to now include knives from the following makers:

Roger Smith – Bloodworth Knives

Mike TamboliMT Custom Knives

Bruce GillespieGillespie Knives

GEC Equestrian’s Trapper Knife w/Exotic Mexican Bocote Wood Handle

So I log into the other night only to come across a conversation between Hog and Tuna about a GEC knife up for bid on ebay. They were wondering if the knife was really a GEC knife or not. I did a quick internet search and came up with info showing it was a real GEC knife and shared the info with the guys. But, they still declined to make a bid which was ending in a few minutes. So I placed the bid and won the knife.

Great Eastern Cutlery Equestrian's Trapper Knife

Great Eastern Cutlery Equestrian’s Trapper Knife

With a little more research, I found out that the knife was made in 2009 and only 35 pieces were made. Pretty happy that I bid and now am awaiting the arrival of my purchase.