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A&R Zlatoust is a Russian knife manufacturer. It is based in the city of Zlatoust, an industrial city that specialises in metallurgy. It is one of the centers of artistic engraving on metal and is best known in Russia, especially for its work on knives and swords. Today the tradition lives on in the knives produced by A & R Zlatoust, which has a general rule: the quality of the knives must be beyond reproach. They produce knives for hunting and camping.

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Rare A.G. Russell One Hand Knife

Posted tonight on the website is a rare One Hand Knife by A.G. Russell

“The A.G. Russell One Hand Knife™ has been our best selling knife since the first ones were shipped in 1988. The handle, which is machined from a piece of solid stainless spring steel, works in conjunction with the blade to create an unusual locking system. This locking system, and the location of a thumb stud on both sides of the blade, allows the knife to be closed or opened one handed using either the right or left hand. That’s why we call it the One Hand Knife™.

The knife shown has Elephant Ivory handles and only 300 of them where made back in 1990