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A&R Zlatoust is a Russian knife manufacturer. It is based in the city of Zlatoust, an industrial city that specialises in metallurgy. It is one of the centers of artistic engraving on metal and is best known in Russia, especially for its work on knives and swords. Today the tradition lives on in the knives produced by A & R Zlatoust, which has a general rule: the quality of the knives must be beyond reproach. They produce knives for hunting and camping.

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  • Perfectly Balanced
  • Quick Rapid Deployment
  • Applegate-Fairbairn Designed S30V Steel Blade
  • Made in the USA

Overall Length: 8.70″
Blade Length: 3.78″
Blade Material: S30V
Weight: 5 oz.
Handle Material: Type III Anodized 6061 Aluminum

MSRP: $200.00

SDK Price: $125.00 Shipped

Call 602-397-0053 to order

Surefire Edged Weapons

SureFire customers — soldiers in combat zones, street-level law enforcement personnel, members of SWAT teams, and members of military special operations groups — are the most demanding in the world.

To make certain Surefire met their demands, their knives were created with input from experts and end-users. Surefire paid close attention to every detail of design, construction, and manufacturing — from tungsten carbide-coated Crucible CPMS30V steel blades, to ergonomics, precise manufacturing tolerances, and hand finishing.

The result: edged weapons that are tough, efficient, effective, and reliable under the harshest conditions. Knives you can count on when your life is on the line. Which is exactly what you’d expect from SureFire, the tactical technology company.

Surefire knives were designed by Steve Ryan of Ryan Knives fame.

In 2013 Surefire closed down their edged weapons division:

Despite its popularity, the business never became a financial success. “Edged weapons has never been a profitable business for us,” said Surefire Director of Marketing Sean Clemence. “We will continue making pens,” he said, “but we are winding down the edged-weapons business and putting those resources into other projects.”

By winding down, Clemence means that all production on edged weapons will cease in the coming months as raw materials and parts are exhausted. Right now, Surefire has EW-04 Deltas, EW-12 Jekylls and even some of the semi-released Surefire Push Daggers in stock along with smaller numbers of other knives. But, all inventory will be gone by the end of March 2013.

Ultimately, the closing came down to profits. Surefire knives were made with expensive materials in small quantities. Despite their popularity, “when you take a look at the profit margins,” says Clemence, “the demand was never there to make it a profitable business.”

The above was taken from Military Times.

I recently received two Surefire knives in for sale. A Dart and an Edge. These knives are highly collectable and very hard to get.  They are NIB and have never been carried or used.  Click here to be taken to the website for more information


Schrade Extreme Survival M9 Bayonet


Featured in this month’s issue of Blade magazine

and on sale at SonoranDesertKnives.com

Viper Italian Made Knives

V Logoto shape high quality products by combining advanced technology manufacturing processes with crafting tradition and skills.

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Fate_scheda Free_01 Scheda_prodotto_01

After 25 years our mission is still to shape high quality knives for passionate people.

Custom Livesay A2L Sawback

One of kind custom A2L Sawback knife


As a former US Army vet, this is one knife I would of had the confidence of carrying into battle.

See more here

Blackhawk! Blades Pointman

The Point Man is both the rebirth and the evolution of a true classic—the original MOD® “Trident” utility folder. The signature ergonomic handle shape and distinctive spearpoint blade of the original design are now rendered with all-new materials, including CNC-machined textured G-10 handles, nested 420J stainless steel liners, and a black Teflon®-coated AUS8A stainless steel blade. Other enhancements include improved lock geometry for its heavy-duty liner-lock mechanism and the addition of a four-position clothing clip that supports both left and right-side, tip-up and tip-down carry. Improved features and a very affordable price make the Point Man an outstanding full-service tactical folding knife.



Blade Length: 3 3/8" 
Overall Length: 7 7/8" 
Blade Material: AUS8A stainless steel. 
Blade Finish: Black Teflon Coating with Point Man and Black Hawk name on it. 
Edge type: Partially serrated with Dual Thumb studs. 
Handle Material: 420J stainless steel liners nested in textured G-10 scales. 
Pocket Clip: Right or left-side, tip-up or tip-down carry. 
Made in Taiwan.

Bowie Nation

Added a new section to the website tonight, Bowie Nation. This is for all you lovers of the large Bowie knives


Combative Edge Knives

Sonoran Desert Knives has now added Combative Edge Knives to our website

Combative Edge™ is a tactical-grade product maker and training service provider for the soldier, law enforcement officer, and the civilian alike. Their company employs an extensive network of professional instructors all backed by a broad range of experience in combative arts which in turn influences meaningful and value-driven training services and products. Combative Edge™ believes in creating compelling, realistic design and functionality for all products and services they offer. Their knives are made in Italy by FOX knives.



Salus Fixed Blade

Salus Fixed Blade

SR11 Tanto

SR11 Tanto

Newt Livesay

Newt Livesay

Newt Livesay

Who is Newt? He is a self proclaimed Southern born American Author, Politically In-Correct Philosopher & Raconteur, Banged Up Warrior, Hard Living Adventurer, Lover & Knife Maker Extraordinaire.

What do I know about him? I know this man has a love for our military personal and looks to equip them with the absolute best knives he can make for them. This is what “he” says about his knives:


Livesay Combat Knives are used by Hard Charging Warriors around the World that can Swim Faster, Scuba Dive to Unbelievable Depths, Shoot Straighter, Sky-drive or HALO from Incredible Heights, Fight Better and Dirtier all the time Wining Wars with Honor, Loving Women, Pushing Deeper and Harder when needed,. They can Empty Bars, Quell Riots, Convert Virgins, End Revolutions, Tame Tigers, Organize Orgies, and Plan Church Socials in their spare time while killing Rats. These People are Hard Core, High Speed, Low Drag Individuals who care enough to Carry and Request the Best

Knives for Professional Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, and just damn good people”

If you have ever held a Livesay knife in your hands, you would know that they are built to last through hard ass usage. Maybe that’s why many service men heading over to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other theaters of war elect to carry a Livesay Combat Knife with them.

SERE Combat/Survival Knife

SERE Combat/Survival Knife


SERE Combat/Survival Knife

SERE Combat/Survival Knife

Custom Air Assault Knife

Custom Air Assault Knife

Woo Combat Neck Knife

Woo Combat Neck Knife

 Newt is now retired from full time knife making though still makes a knife or two now and then. But his knives are quickly selling out fast and there are fewer and fewer to be had.