MOD (Masters of Defense) was founded in 1998 by Jim Ray. Jim went to real knife defense experts to design his knives. Men such as Michael Janich, Alan Elishewitz, Duane Dieter, Jeff Harkins and Massad Ayoob to name a few. They were innovated with designs that the tactical knife world wanted and this proved to be very successful for MOD.

In 2003 MOD was sold to BLACKHAWK! Products Group which wanted to diversify  its already product line of holsters, packs, slings, lights, apparel and tools. By joining BLACKHAWK!, gave MOD a wider base of armed professionals and not just the elitist military and police units.

Another advantage of BLACKHAWK!’s absorption of MOD was bringing these advanced knife designs to an average person who wanted these proven concepts of expert-inspired tactical designs, but normally couldn’t afford them. This happened in 2005 when BLACKHAWK! / M.O.D. became BLACKHAWK! Blades.

Overall the M.O.D. and the BLACKHAWK! / M.O.D. have become highly desired and collectible.

We have two of these knives available:

A Nightwing fixed blade designed by Alan Elishewitz and a CQD Mark II Automatic Folder  designed by Duane Dieter. Both are rare and extremely hard to find.

For more information on these knives and to purchase, please visit our website



Surefire Edged Weapons

SureFire customers — soldiers in combat zones, street-level law enforcement personnel, members of SWAT teams, and members of military special operations groups — are the most demanding in the world.

To make certain Surefire met their demands, their knives were created with input from experts and end-users. Surefire paid close attention to every detail of design, construction, and manufacturing — from tungsten carbide-coated Crucible CPMS30V steel blades, to ergonomics, precise manufacturing tolerances, and hand finishing.

The result: edged weapons that are tough, efficient, effective, and reliable under the harshest conditions. Knives you can count on when your life is on the line. Which is exactly what you’d expect from SureFire, the tactical technology company.

Surefire knives were designed by Steve Ryan of Ryan Knives fame.

In 2013 Surefire closed down their edged weapons division:

Despite its popularity, the business never became a financial success. “Edged weapons has never been a profitable business for us,” said Surefire Director of Marketing Sean Clemence. “We will continue making pens,” he said, “but we are winding down the edged-weapons business and putting those resources into other projects.”

By winding down, Clemence means that all production on edged weapons will cease in the coming months as raw materials and parts are exhausted. Right now, Surefire has EW-04 Deltas, EW-12 Jekylls and even some of the semi-released Surefire Push Daggers in stock along with smaller numbers of other knives. But, all inventory will be gone by the end of March 2013.

Ultimately, the closing came down to profits. Surefire knives were made with expensive materials in small quantities. Despite their popularity, “when you take a look at the profit margins,” says Clemence, “the demand was never there to make it a profitable business.”

The above was taken from Military Times.

I recently received two Surefire knives in for sale. A Dart and an Edge. These knives are highly collectable and very hard to get.  They are NIB and have never been carried or used.  Click here to be taken to the website for more information


Extrema Ratio Knives


Extrema Ratio, located in Prato, Italy, has been designing, manufacturing and selling high performance combat knives since 1997 enjoying a reputation for excellence that is unsurpassed in the military and tactical knife industry.

Extrema Ratio serves military and law enforcement communities as well as commercial markets and the knives are well known and sought after all over the globe.

The company prides itself in design, material and quality to deliver a high end product that meets the most severe mil-standards.


The production based on modern cutting edge technology is combined with traditional craftsmanship and the result is the pinnacle of this synthesis. The Extrema Ratio design team uses the 3D system to design new models and create prototypes. Each knife design is then meticulously inspected and then field tested. At this point the finest materials are chosen for durability, function and beauty. Each knife is then hand assembled and hand finished and inspected by Extrema Ratio team of craftsmen.

Each knife that is manufactured at Extrema Ratio has measured up to the Company rigorous standards for quality and performance. The knives are the result of painstaking research and development. This is an Extrema Ratio hallmark. Extrema Ratio knives represent a real, solid value for the money.

All of the knives are made from N690 Cobalt Stainless Steel which is a steel from a small plant in Austria, often used in the manufacture of surgical instruments. This steel along with their tempering methods produce a steel of great strength, flexibility with the capability to take and retain a razor sharp edge. The handles provided on the fixed blade knives are made from a grip polymer called Forprene which provides a very sure and comfortable grip even when wet. The folding range of knives have a shell made from a super strong anticorodal alloy and the best materials are used throughout to ensure reliability and longevity.

Dark Talon

If you want a knife that will hold up under extreme conditions, then take a look at Extrema Ratio Knives

What Knife Should a Prepper Carry

What Knife Should a Prepper Carry

by Leopold Lacrimosa

I was asked by a group of preppers to write a short article on what kind of blades should one carry in time of need. After giving it much thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that if SHTF time you should be prepared by carrying several different knives on your person.

Let’s look at the ones I would and do carry. First off, deep down in my pocket I have a traditional 2 blade pocket knife. Now the one I use has beautiful Mother of Pearl scales on it. I pull it out to use, I don’t get the dirty “why is he carrying a weapon” look for these social minded liberals. Rather I get the “Ooh, that’s a pretty knife!” instead. But if I think I’m going to be needing it in a bit stronger situation, I switch it out with a 3 blade stockman pattern knife with stag scales. This way I don’t have to worry about damaging the MoP scales. One of these knives are always on my person. They’re not big knives but are able to do most daily cutting jobs I come across due to the variety of blades. Style wise, size and blade count are all a matter of personal choice. Remember the lager the knife the heaver it sits in your pocket. Usually, a Jack knife has one blade while a Trapper has two. Stockmans are known for three blades and a Congress has four. On this knife, a modest $60- $100 should get you a good knife.

3 Bladed Stockman

3 Bladed Stockman

I almost always have a top quality Tactical knife clipped to the inside of my pants pocket. (I take it off when I go into buildings like schools and such and leave it in the car til I get back.) This should be a mid-size knife with a blade about 3.5” – 4” in length. It should be of good quality steel, no less than 0.14” thick blade. The handle should fit in the hand comfortably. Since my hands are different than everyone else I can only recommend you pick up the knife you are interested in and hold it in your hand. The handle material should be tough such as Macarta or G-10 not wood or bone, both which can chip or splinter under duress. The blade locking mechanism needs to be strong. I suggest you forgo a liner lock unless there is a built in secondary lock you can engage. Back locks are usually the strongest though I’ve seen some truly strong rolling locks. Though automatics and auto assist knives are cool and fun, you’ll have a piece of junk when the spring breaks. In this range of knife you should be spending $150-$300 range.

Viper Free

Viper Free

The next knife you should have is a fine fixed blade multipurpose knife. When I say multipurpose, I talking about a knife to do a multitude of jobs from daily camping chores, to heavy cutting to even defending yourself with. The knife should be of the best quality carbon steel and make. The blade should be 6” – 8” long. It should be a straight edge. The spine should be 1/4” thick with a full tang. The handle should be solid material. Stag is ok in this because of the thickness usually used in a handle of this size. You got to remember it worked well for the deer or elk for many years. Mammoth tooth is strong but it adds a lot to the price of a knife. A guard is recommended. Even a double guard. I personally recommend a clip point Bowie knife. Good for use in skinning an animal yet large enough to fight with. Intimidation helps when in a fight and a Bowie is high in that factor. For this I prefer a custom handmade knife over a factory model not to say there are not some good fixed blades out there that are factory made. You must certainly go with reputation in the case of who is going to make it for you. Price range should be $200 – $500. Anything priced over that and I want to put it on a shelf for display purposes only.

Bowie Knife

Bowie Knife

If you carry a secondary fixed blade knife then I would suggest a double edge dagger. A dagger has one purpose and one purpose only. Smaller than a Bowie it can be used in your other hand in conjunction to your Bowie.



Last but not least, everyone needs a good quality hatchet for general chopping work. It will help save the edge on your knife. Remember, I said hatchet not an ax. A hatchet is intended for light chopping, such as small limbs or bushes while an ax, depending upon the head size can be used for for chopping jobs of all sizes, and some ax heads are even double-bitted to increase the work interval between sharpening. The main difference is weight and size. A hatchet you can carry without to much problem but I’d hate to have to lug an ax around all day especially if I need a hand free for a rifle or gun.



The last knife I recommend but it is not necessary to have is a machete. Great to have if your into surviving in the jungle but remember, if your name is not Danny Trejo or you’re not planing on trekking through the wilderness, there is a lot of other equipment you may need to carry instead. This is optional not mandatory.

Danny Trejo - Machete Kills

Danny Trejo – Machete Kills

There you have it. Recommendations of what knives to carry by a knife guy.

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Brand New DPx Gear H.E.A.T./F 3D

The DPx Gear HEAT/F is as much blade as you need, in a beefy, pocket friendly package. Blade is black PVD coated then stonewashed Elmax steel with 61HRC. Sandblasted 6Al4V grade 5 titanium alloy frame lock with 3D diamond pattern. American-made black G10 handle scale with 3D diamond pattern. Pivot screw & frame screws with 7/64 hardware so no special tool is required for adjustment. Stonewashed stainless steel combat syle clip with Mr. DP engraving. Matte black TiCN PVD coated tungsten carbide glass breaker. Lanyard hole. Thumb grip/bottle opener. Comes with replaceable matte black TiCN PVD flat head screw.
H.E.A.T./F 3D

H.E.A.T./F 3D


  • Blade Length: 2.26 inch
  • Overall Length: 6.24 inch
  • Blade Material: Elmax
  • Handle Material: G10
  • Weight: 4.15 oz.

View the product on the website here

Damascus Pearl, Damascus Handle, Damascus Drop Point Plain

01bo510dam 01bo510dam_2 01bo510dam_3

Introducing the Boker Plus Damascus Pearl an exquisite piece, featuring not only a 37-layer Damascus blade, but also a Damascus handle with three Mother-of-Pearl inlays. Locks securely with the sturdy backlock mechanism. An added feature is the intricate file work, which extends over the entire blade spine. A unique, stunning collector’s piece at an affordable price! Click here to order.

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Italian Made Knives

Italy has a tradition of making pocket knives going back to ancient times. The oldest surviving pocket knives date back to the Roman era. Perhaps it is where pocket folding knives originated.


When most people think of Italian knives, what comes to mind is the famous Stiletto Switchblades first made popular in the 1961 film, West Side Story.

Italian Stiletto

Italian Stiletto


Authentic Italian Switchblade Knives from Italy are all hand crafted and made by skilled Italian switchblade knife makers in the Italian town of Maniago by the oldest Switchblade knife makers in the business in the same way they have been made for decades.


Maniago founded in 981 is a town and comune located in the Province of Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia (north-eastern Italy) in the Italian Alps. It is famous all over the world for its production of knives and of all kinds of cutting tools: the beginning of the history of the blacksmiths from Maniago can be dated back to 1453. Since then Maniago has given birth to hundreds of blacksmiths and knife makers and today is the seat of the District of Cutlery Works, made up of nine municipalities of the area, which employs about a thousand workers in the production cycle of cutting tools only and is the second industrial centre in the province of Pordenone.


Italian cutlery, for example, is very unique in it’s craftsmanship and design. Modern knife makers of Italy are producing fascinating “cross-over” designs combining aspects of older cutlery with new materials and forward thinking designs. Of course this synthesis of the old into the new is not limited to any particular region or country. If we look at the history of knife making in the United States, or any country, we see a very similar progression.


Coming out of Italy though are some fantastic knives. Companies like Extrema Ratio, Viper, Fox, Lion Steel and Maserin (to name a few) are making knives that strong, sharp, well built and desirable. This not to say they are better than US made knives as I think some of the best knives are still made in the US. But the quality of Italian knives are definitely there. Many American cutlery companies know this are having knives made in Italy. Companies like DPx, Hogue, Ontario, TOPS, Fox-N-Hound, Spyderco and others are having their designs produced there and importing them back here for sale.


I myself carry an Italian Viper knife as my EDC. This after years of carrying a USA made blade.


Viper Free

Viper Free


If you are thinking about investing in a quality blade, one that you would be proud to carry and not afraid to use on a daily basis, Italian knives are an option you should consider.

Basic Folder 2

Extrema Ratio
Our knives are built with the most current high tech manufacturing processes. Each Extrema Ratio knife is a blend of the finest materials available and a commitment to craftsmanship. When it comes to knives for survival use, one of the most important requirements is that the knife should be strong. Built to last.

Basic Folder 2 – Black

This series of “full size” folding knives are suitable for professional use by the military or police. The handle is solid and comfortable, the clip is reversible and close, in the case of the BF1 e BF2, it becomes a useful and comfortable resting point for the thumb in “reverse grip”. There are two blade patterns: Tanto and Drop; and two patterns of handle: Classic and Tactical. The “Tactical” handles are characterized by a milled design of concentric circles with perforations for lightness and high grip. The “Classic” handle is full with the characteristic lowered flat zone to enable the use of the opening “pin” without emerging from the profile of the closed knife. All the blades are burnished through zirconium carbonitruration, the handles are burnished through anodization. The blade blocking mechanism is the approved “liner lock”, assisted by a manually activated security mechanism protected by a “carter”.
WEIGHT: g 85












New Special of the Week

Bear & Sons Cutlery Red Stag Bone Single Blade Peanut is our Special of the week.


Red Stag Bone Single Blade Peanut

Bolsters * Brass Liners * Hollow Ground Blade * Red Stag Bone Handles * Carbon
Steel Blade

American Made

Damascus & Ivory Push Dagger by Dennis Cook

Picked up this beautiful Damascus & (pre-banned) Ivory push dagger made by Dennis Cook of Arizona.
Thinking of having the handle Scrimshaw, but not sure of what design I would like…thinking western, any ideas?

Damascus & Ivory Dagger

Damascus & Ivory Push Dagger