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A&R Zlatoust is a Russian knife manufacturer. It is based in the city of Zlatoust, an industrial city that specialises in metallurgy. It is one of the centers of artistic engraving on metal and is best known in Russia, especially for its work on knives and swords. Today the tradition lives on in the knives produced by A & R Zlatoust, which has a general rule: the quality of the knives must be beyond reproach. They produce knives for hunting and camping.

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MOD (Masters of Defense) was founded in 1998 by Jim Ray. Jim went to real knife defense experts to design his knives. Men such as Michael Janich, Alan Elishewitz, Duane Dieter, Jeff Harkins and Massad Ayoob to name a few. They were innovated with designs that the tactical knife world wanted and this proved to be very successful for MOD.

In 2003 MOD was sold to BLACKHAWK! Products Group which wanted to diversify  its already product line of holsters, packs, slings, lights, apparel and tools. By joining BLACKHAWK!, gave MOD a wider base of armed professionals and not just the elitist military and police units.

Another advantage of BLACKHAWK!’s absorption of MOD was bringing these advanced knife designs to an average person who wanted these proven concepts of expert-inspired tactical designs, but normally couldn’t afford them. This happened in 2005 when BLACKHAWK! / M.O.D. became BLACKHAWK! Blades.

Overall the M.O.D. and the BLACKHAWK! / M.O.D. have become highly desired and collectible.

We have two of these knives available:

A Nightwing fixed blade designed by Alan Elishewitz and a CQD Mark II Automatic Folder  designed by Duane Dieter. Both are rare and extremely hard to find.

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Arkansas Toothpicks by Sonoran Desert Knives

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bowie knives. There’s nothing like the feel of a well made Bowie in your hand no mater the task, be it camping, hunting or fighting. Just the intimidation of pulling a Bowie out of its sheath is a factor of 10+. Watching the TV show “Revolution” (S#!& Happens episode)  last night with my wife got my blood flowing when they set the scene of Miles using a sword against one of the Texas Rangers who welded a large Bowie, blade up. Good knife fight.

But I digress. Along with the famed Bowie knife stands the Arkansas Toothpick. A large double edge bladed knife which was kin to the Bowie knife.

The Arkansas toothpick is a heavy dagger with a 12–20-inch (30–51 cm) pointed, straight blade. The knife is balanced and weighted for throwing and can be used for thrusting and slashing. James Black, the inventor of the Bowie knife, is credited with inventing the Arkansas toothpick. (from Wikipedia).

While serving in the Military many of my brothers enjoyed carrying the Gerber Mark 1 knife while I in turn carried a 12″ Arkansas Toothpick. A lot of eyeballs would widen anytime I needed to un-sheath my knife.

When I began knife collecting, Of course I focused on what like, mostly Bowie type knives along with good well-balanced fighters and of course toothpicks. Unfortunately, not many toothpicks were readily available. There where only cheap $20-$30 versions (you get what you pay for) or extremely expensive $600+ customs. When I started Sonoran Desert Knives, I decided to offer a mid range toothpick. Needless to say, they went fast. Selling out in less than six months.

I have decided to release at this time two of the three that I have in my personal collection. This is your chance to get a very well made custom Arkansas Toothpick at a reasonable price. These are 12 3/4″ knives with a beautiful stag handle, full tang, Damascus guard and a high carbon 8 3/4″ Damascus blade.

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IMG_3509 IMG_3511 IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3516 IMG_3517

Eli Jensen Custom Knives

Added to the site, two beautiful small hunting knives by Eli Jensen of Prescott, AZ

Jensen 017 Jensen 018 Jensen 020 Jensen 024

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New Special of the Week

Bear & Sons Cutlery Red Stag Bone Single Blade Peanut is our Special of the week.


Red Stag Bone Single Blade Peanut

Bolsters * Brass Liners * Hollow Ground Blade * Red Stag Bone Handles * Carbon
Steel Blade

American Made

Photos of the 43rd AKCA Knife Show

Deal of the Week

We have successfully instituted the “Deal of the Week” on the front page of the website. Now on the 3rd week which will always run Thursday – Wednesday of each week. The deal is limited until supplies run out, act fast so as not to miss out.

This week’s deal is the CRKT M16-10Z Carson EDC Tanto

M16-10Z Carson EDC Tanto

Why Carry A Knife? Because it Saves Lives!

Kayakers rescued by tour guide with his trusty John Wayne knife

by Joe Kertzman, Managing Editor Blade magazine


Brody Kidd, a guide for Door County (Wisconsin) Kayak Tours, was on a Lake Michigan beach preparing to lead a kayak tour scheduled for noon on June 8th. He spotted three people clinging to the side of their own kayak, which was drifting further out into deep waters because of an offshore breeze. Kidd jumped into his kayak, towing an additional small boat out to the threesome.
It turned into a daring rescue when he realized all three were tangled in ropes, near death and suffering from extreme hypothermia. Kidd pulled out his old John Wayne commemorative folding knife he always carried to cut them loose. He helped a woman into his kayak and two men into the boat, got them to shore and began performing first aid when emergency crews arrived.
Apparently the kayakers went out into Lake Michigan without life vests and got overturned. “I paddled over there as fast as I could,” Kidd said. “It was one of those lucky things that I was there.”
A man and woman in their early 20’s were transported to a Door County hospital where they were treated for hypothermia after spending about 90 minutes in the lake near Cave Point in the town of Jacksonport. The second man was treated and released at the scene of the rescue.
Following this episode, Kidd’s boss, the owner of Door County Kayak Tours decided to buy him something better suited for water rescue – that’s when he received a new CRKT orange-G10-handled “Neckolas” neck knife with a full-tang 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade, a large hole for a finger and a G10 retention sheath.
Article from: http://www.blademag.com/profiles/blogs/guide-saves-kayakers-using-john-wayne-knife?et_mid=564347&rid=232450285
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United Cutleery’s Tailwind Nova Skull Serr. Folder Black Knife ****$21.49****

Tailwind Nova Skull Serr. Folder Black

This United Cutlery Nova equipped with a Tailwind Assisted-Open mechanism is one bad dude. The 6061 aluminum handle scales are etches with burning flames and a cast flaming skull adorns the front handle. A rugged stainless steel pocket clip allows this knife to clip anywhere and the 3 1/2″ 440 stainless steel blade cuts like butter through anything. With help from the Tailwind assisted-open mechanism, the blade rockets open with just a nudge of the thumb stud. 3 1/2″ blade. 4 1/4″ closed.


SDK Price: $21.49!

Only While Supplies Last