Roger Hatt Custom Folder

Canadian Roger Hatt has been making knives since 1994. When you get a Hatt knife, you get a beautiful bang for your buck.

Beautiful Damascus drop point folder with walrus ivory scales.

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Legends of Knifemaking: Paul Fox

Jesse Paul Fox Jr, known by his middle name Paul, was a long-time member of the Knifemakers’ Guild and owner of Pioneer Woodcarving. As Fox’s friend and fellow maker Tim Britton noted on The Knife Network, “Paul may have been one of the most creative knifemakers of all time. He was perhaps best known for his electric-motor-driven folder and a series of very fancy knives that were a lot like sculpture. He won the W.W. Cronk Award at the Knifemakers’ Guild shows till they asked him to stop entering and let someone else win.


Paul Fox 1938 – 2012

According to Britton, Fox had a great sense of humor. “Paul had a Chevy Suburban that he bought at a North Carolina State Surplus auction for $700,” Tim recalled. “It was ugly, yellow and very beat up.  He took it to Hendricks Motors of NASCAR fame and had them put a full race motor in it.  Damned thing would fly and Paul loved nothing better than challenging redneck racers and usually beating them. Guess you have figured out by now, that dude was a character!

“Paul was very much at home with locals—guys from the garage, bread-truck drivers, etc. He was one of a kind, like so many of us in knifemaking. I can still see Paul using the remote control boat to chase geese off his pond!”

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Cody Wescott Knives

I’ve added 3 of Cody Wescott knives to the website.

Cody Wescott of Las Cruces, New Mexico sold his first knife in 1982 and is a full time maker at least he was in 1995 according to the 1995 annual edition of Knives, his knives where priced from $80 to some up to $950. back in 1995, he offered engraving and made his own sheaths.


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MOD (Masters of Defense) was founded in 1998 by Jim Ray. Jim went to real knife defense experts to design his knives. Men such as Michael Janich, Alan Elishewitz, Duane Dieter, Jeff Harkins and Massad Ayoob to name a few. They were innovated with designs that the tactical knife world wanted and this proved to be very successful for MOD.

In 2003 MOD was sold to BLACKHAWK! Products Group which wanted to diversify  its already product line of holsters, packs, slings, lights, apparel and tools. By joining BLACKHAWK!, gave MOD a wider base of armed professionals and not just the elitist military and police units.

Another advantage of BLACKHAWK!’s absorption of MOD was bringing these advanced knife designs to an average person who wanted these proven concepts of expert-inspired tactical designs, but normally couldn’t afford them. This happened in 2005 when BLACKHAWK! / M.O.D. became BLACKHAWK! Blades.

Overall the M.O.D. and the BLACKHAWK! / M.O.D. have become highly desired and collectible.

We have two of these knives available:

A Nightwing fixed blade designed by Alan Elishewitz and a CQD Mark II Automatic Folder  designed by Duane Dieter. Both are rare and extremely hard to find.

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Mike Tamboli: Master of the Miniatures

For those who aren’t familiar with Arizona custom knifemaker, Mike Tamboli or his knives, then you’ve been missing out on a great resource for collectible miniature knives.


Mike, who has been making knives since the early 70’s specializes in making miniature knives. His miniature fantasy knives are sought after by collectors around the world. Over the years he and his knives have been written about in many knife magazines and periodicals.


Mike says as much effort goes into making a quality miniature knife as it does a regular sized knife.

But Mike is not just known for his miniatures. He also makes outstanding fixed blades and folders too.

Now’s your chance to pick up and own one of Mike’s miniatures or regular sized folders newly listed at

Mike Tamboli Folder

Mike Tamboli of Glendale Arizona has been making knives for over 30 years. He has won many awards for his work in miniatures as well as regular sized custom knives. He has had his knives featured in many of the popular knife periodicals. 

Here is one of recent folders which has just been added to the website: 



Mike Tamboli Liner Lock Folder

New Damascus Folders

I’ve been dealing with Adil Zafar from Lahore Pakistan for several years now and I can testify to the excellent quality of his workmanship. Each knife he sends me is a well made knife no matter if it’s a fixed blade or folder. His Damascus is strong and sharp. You will not go wrong with one of his knives.

Three new folders have arrived and are now up on the website for sale.


Knives by Adil Zafar

LATAMA Switchblade Knives

The legend began… when, LATAMA, the shortened term for the Latin America Import Export Company, was founded by Jacob (Jack) Polincovsky shortly after the end of WWII. At that time Jack Polincovsky had connections in the garment business and went to Milan Italy to purchase silk and other material. French and the British buyers purchased all the material available. As a result, Jack Polincovsky attended another auction and purchased British surplus knives, English single carbon blade locking knives with plastic checkered handles.
During his trip, Jack Polincovsky learned that the cutlery industry was re-emerging in Maniago, Italy and explored the idea of manufacturing cutlery. Unknowingly, Mr. Polincovsky was unconsciously establishing the foundation of what was to become the greatest of all switchblade-manufacturing consortiums. While there was never really a LATAMA “factory,” the home of Patriizio Pasquale (Master Craftsman) who was known for his Golden Hands, served as home base. There, Sam worked with Abraham Abramovits who played a key role in overseeing the production of LATAMA cutlery in Maniago.
In 1947, Sam (Polincovsky) Polk, was given the responsibility of running the company as CEO and traveling salesman for LATAMA. Beginning on Broadway in New York, Sam Polk sold his knives from coast to coast creating the legend that we know today. While LATAMA is primarily known for its switchblades, by 1950 the company had expanded into the promotional products business that included what is reverently and fondly referred to today as Gentlemen Knives.

A Visit with Rick Genovese

An hour and a half North East of Phoenix, nestled between the Tonto National Forrest and Roosevelt lake, in the shadow of the Sierra Ancha range with part of the Mogollon Rim on the the northeast and the Mazatzal Mountains westward, you’ll find Tonto Basin and Rick Genovese, master knife maker.

(According to an NPR story on the Lone Ranger, Tonto Basin is the inspiration for Tonto, the native American companion to the Lone Ranger.)

I took the hour and half drive up to Tonto Basin to meet Rick in person and to see his work. Rick was a very gracious host, inviting me into his home and giving me a tour of his shop as well as showing me some of the knives he had recently completed.

I first met Rick on Facebook after seeing a post of one of his outstanding knives which was engraved by Mitch Moschetti

rick genovese

I thought, “Wow! Who is this guy?” After a little research, I became his Facebook friend which lead me to today’s travels. I arrived at his home a little after 10am and we spent the next two hours talking.

Rick grew up in Phoenix and worked in his dad’s business as a machinist. Of course working with tools led him to begin making knives in 1975. His first knives where in the style of Bob Loveless, (who doesn’t start there?). It wasn’t long after he began his hand at making folders. From there he stepped up his game and began working his framed folders with gem stone materials such as fossilized Mammoth, Jade, petrified woods and his favorite (as well as mine) Mother of Pearl.

"Dolores Dagger"

“Dolores Dagger”

"Dolores Dagger"  Featuring Kevin Casey Feather Damascus blade and Picture Jasper inlays.

“Dolores Dagger” Featuring Kevin Casey Feather Damascus blade and Picture Jasper inlays.

Gent's Folder

Gent’s Folder

Gent's Folder

Gent’s Folder

Gent's Folder

Gent’s Folder

Gent's Folder  Pearl & Opal inlays each side, 18k Gold toothpick, engraving by Mitch Moschetti in leaf pattern with 24k Gold border

Gent’s Folder
Pearl & Opal inlays each side, 18k Gold toothpick, engraving by Mitch Moschetti in leaf pattern with 24k Gold border

Gent's Folder  White Pearl with Lapis Lazuli ovals

Gent’s Folder
White Pearl with Lapis Lazuli ovals

Gent's Folder

Gent’s Folder

Gent's Folder

Gent’s Folder

His own favorite knife model is the “Sleek Dagger” style folder

Rick holding his "Sleek Dagger" folder

Rick holding his “Sleek Dagger” folder

"Sleek Dagger" folder

“Sleek Dagger” folder

"Sleek Dagger" folder

“Sleek Dagger” folder

His most popular knife style is his Gent’s folder which he makes in three different sizes


Rick still makes a fixed blade now and then. Here’s one he is currently working on

IMG_4178 IMG_4177


Rick’s shop is currently in a storage unit until he moves to his new home

IMG_4179 IMG_4180 IMG_4181 IMG_4182

The first thing you notice about his shop is how immaculately clean he keeps it, every tool has it’s place. A bit crowded, it still has plenty of room for Rick to produce the fine art knives he makes. Though his knives sell in the thousands of dollars with buyers all over the world he is far from pretentious.

His knife making mentors include makers such as Ron Lake, Steve Hoel and his Japanese Sensei, Kuzan Oda whom he met in Colorado. The story he told was Kuzan Oda had recently left working with Bob Loveless and was looking for a place to make knives. Rick had a shop he allowed him to use in trade for knife making lessons and tips.

For this lover of knives it was a good trip.

If you’re interested in acquiring one of Rick’s beautiful knives, you can simply email him at genoveseknives (at) hotmail (dot) com.

On the road north

On the road north

View from Rick's back yard

View from Rick’s back yard

Quiet beauty

Quiet beauty


Tonto National Forest

Tonto National Forest