Stan Shaw Engraved Pen Knife


Stan Shaw has been making knives by hand for over 75 years. Now 90 years old, he still works in his shop two days a week making knives the traditional way, by hand. “My knives are completely processed by hand, from sawing out the blades, springs and linings, to the finished product,” he says.

Trained under Ted Osbourne, Stan learned to make multi-bladed knives using expensive materials, such as mother of pearl, tortoiseshell and ivory. As the cutlery industry declined Stan learned how to do many of the jobs that would make a knife, such as forging, grinding and hafting. Traditionally these tasks were separate subdivisions of the cutlery trade, carried out by single person. This meant that many different cutlers were involved in the making of one knife. Stan Shaw is unique because he can make a knife from start to finish on his own.

In 1983, Stan went off on his own after working for such Sheffield greats as George Wostenholm, John Watts and John Clarke. In 2009 he moved his tools and workshop to the Kelham Island Museum. Stan has a waiting list of four years for his knives, which are highly prized by collectors.

You can see more photos and information of the above pocket knife on the website


Howard Viele Knives

Howard Viele has been a member of the Knifemaker’s Guild since 1976. He learned how to make knives through trial and error, teaching himself with no one knifemaker to influence his work except for his love for the martial arts in which he has attained the rank of Sandan in Karate.

“The man cuts a clean line, often a new line, every time he goes for it. Viele knives are handsome knives that look so good, and so often different as well, you can’t help noticing. That’s practically a definition of style.” – Ken Warner, editor of Knives ’85

Over the years, Howard’s knives have won him numerous awards.

I have three of his knives listed for sale on the website, the newest edition is a small Gentleman’s Pocket Knife with Pink Ivory scales:

Howard Viele Gentleman's Pocket Knife

Howard Viele Gentleman’s Pocket Knife


Viper Italian Made Knives

V Logoto shape high quality products by combining advanced technology manufacturing processes with crafting tradition and skills.

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After 25 years our mission is still to shape high quality knives for passionate people.

Todd Kopp Boot Dagger

I’m in love. I’m in love with Todd Kopp’s Knives. Each time he makes one it is absolutely, indescribably beautiful. And his latest creation is no exception. I present to you my new love, Todd’s Boot Knife:

Blade: 5160 Steel, Double Edge

Blade Length: 3″

Guard, Spacer & Butt Cap: Fire Blued Steel (A Todd Kopp Specialty)

Handle: Mammoth Tooth Ivory

Overall Length: 7″

Sheath: Ray Skin w/Leather, “Frog” Style

If you’re interested in owning this knife for your collection, go here

Gentleman Hunter & Fighter Knife Set w/Pink Ivory Wood Handles

Very rare Pink Ivory Wood handle gentleman’s knife set by Ronald Frazier

Frazier Gentleman Hunter & Fighter Knife Set w/Pink Ivory Handles

Frazier Gentleman Hunter & Fighter Knife Set w/Pink Ivory Handles

Available at

Damascus & Ivory Push Dagger by Dennis Cook

Picked up this beautiful Damascus & (pre-banned) Ivory push dagger made by Dennis Cook of Arizona.
Thinking of having the handle Scrimshaw, but not sure of what design I would like…thinking western, any ideas?

Damascus & Ivory Dagger

Damascus & Ivory Push Dagger

Hubertus Custom Auto

Just in; Beautiful Hubertus Custom Lever-lock Auto

Hubertus Lever Lock Auto Knife

Vintage Gentleman’s 2-Bladed Pen Knife w/Beautiful Scrimshaw Work

Beautiful Scrimshaw on a Gentleman’s Gold Plated Pen Knife w/2-Blades

2-bladed Pen Knife