Kemal Matched Set of Ivory Hunters

Kemal is the collaboration of Don Fogg and  Murad Sayen

Featured for sale is a matched pair of Ivory handled hunters made in 1983

Don Fogg Knives


Lincoln’s Pocket Knife

President Abraham Lincoln‘s pockets were inventoried when he was assassinated. One of the items he carried was a pocket knife.

After contacting the Library of Congress I found the following information on Lincoln’s Pocket Knife:

The knife is 9 cm. long (or 19 cm. when fully opened) and 1.1 wide.  It has six blades, one major (3 x 1 cm.)  on each side occupying the center position, flanked by two smaller blades (ranging between 4 and 4.2 cm. long and .5 and .5 cm. wide).  The base of each blade carries the legend: “William Gilchrist’s / Celebrated / Razor Steel” on one side and the initials “W.G.” on the opposite.  (The next faces the same direction on each of the three blades at each end, but this is in the opposite direction in respect to the ends themselves.)  There are no other identifying initials or symbols to be found on the knife.

Eric Frazier
Reference Librarian
Rare Books and Special Collections Division
Library of Congress


Ironically, this his style of knife is called a Congress. The scales of the knife are Ivory. William Gilchrist was an American importer who had the knives made for him in Europe.


“Old Abe” knew how to use his knife. too. For example, when Christopher Spencer demonstrated his “horizontal shot tower” to him Lincoln whittled a front sight for the rifle that he thought might work better. – John Schedel

Rare A.G. Russell One Hand Knife

Posted tonight on the website is a rare One Hand Knife by A.G. Russell

“The A.G. Russell One Hand Knife™ has been our best selling knife since the first ones were shipped in 1988. The handle, which is machined from a piece of solid stainless spring steel, works in conjunction with the blade to create an unusual locking system. This locking system, and the location of a thumb stud on both sides of the blade, allows the knife to be closed or opened one handed using either the right or left hand. That’s why we call it the One Hand Knife™.

The knife shown has Elephant Ivory handles and only 300 of them where made back in 1990


Ronald Frazier Matched Set Fighter Daggers

Added to the web site is a beautiful matched set of Fighting Daggers by the late Ronald Frazier.

Frazier Matched Dagger Set

Frazier Matched Dagger Set

Beautiful Knife by Dr Fred Carter

Newly listed on the website for sale is this beautiful knife by Dr Fred Carter.

Dr. Fred Carter

Med Drop Point Hunter

New CJ Duebel Palm Release Auto Knife

CJ Deubel Ivory/Damascus Palm Release Auto Knife

CJ Duebel Auto Knife

CJ Duebel Auto Knife

Palm/Scale Release
 Blade 3″
 Closed 3 7/8
 Chad Nichols Damascus
 Blade & Bolster – WhipLash Pattern
 Gold Screws
 Ivory scales
 Blade & Backstrap all Filed with Rope Pattern
 Liners also filed