USA Made Lone Wolf Knives

I recently acquired two great Lone Wolf knives both which are now up for sale on the website:

Damascus Lobo Automatic w/Cocobolo Handles

Damascus Lobo Auto Knife

Damascus Lobo Auto Knife

Diablo Automatic Knife w/Snake Wood Handle

Diablo Auto w/Snake Wood

Diablo Auto w/Snake Wood

These are not Benchmade Lone Wolf’s but pre-buy out Made in USA Lone Wolf Knives


Comming In

I have two Lone Wolf (USA Made) knives in pristine condition coming in on Monday. Email me if interested (

Lone Wolf LOBO dual-action auto with Damascus blade & CoCo Bolo scales: $500

Lone Wolf Diablo dual-action auto with very nice looking snake-wood scales & black blade. $350

And a

Microtech Troodon OTF double edged dagger blade built in 2010 with 3.125 inch blade. $325

New Lone Wolf Knife by Benchmade

Received notice from Benchmade about the new Lone Wolf folding fish fillet knife. I used to be a Lone Wolf dealer until they sold out to Benchmade. What’s the difference who makes it? When Lone Wolf was their own company, the product standards and materials were very high. They had excellent products and they were made in the U.S.

Looking at the specs for Benchmade’s new Lone Wolf Fillet I noticed the Origin of the knife is listed as IMPORT

Really disappointing and that’s why I’m not a Lone Wolf dealer anymore.

Lone Wolf D2 Harsey (SERR)

I have a used Lone Wolf D2 Harsey for sale that I took on in trade. The knife is in excellent working condition except the tip was broken off and the blade was re-shaped and shorten from 3.9″ to 3.5″

Lone Wolf D2 Harsey

Lone Wolf D2 Harsey

If you don’t mind the shorten blade then you can have a hard to get double action automatic at a great price

My Switch from Tactical to Classical

I’ve carried a knife as far back as I can remember. Some were pocket knives, some where belt pouch knives and others were sheath knives. But I’ve always had a knife on me. It’s a useful tool.

Recently, I made a switch from a pocket tactical knife back to a classic pocket folder.

Now I liked my tactical knife. I carried a Lone Wolf Blackfoot knife. Nice knife with a black coated blade, checkered Ebano wood handle and a pocket clip. It was an easy one hand opener which felt good in my hand, was easy to hold and use.


Lone Wolf Blackfoot

So why the switch?

My full time day job has me working daily with children and many times people would spy my tactical knife clipped to the inside of my pocket. And then the questions would start; “You have a knife?”



“Because it’s a tool.”

But I know what they were always thinking, “He carries a knife, he must be bad man. Will he pull it out and use it to kill someone?”

Not that I really cared what they thought. But there’s a time and place for each and every battle. So switching to a classical pocket knife for me was a no brainer. When I was young growing up in central Florida I had a belt pouch Buck .110 folder. When I went into the Army I carried a 12”Arkansas toothpick. Since then I carried a multitude of  different tactical pocket knives, but with the changes in society and the liberal attitudes towards knives, I switched back to the classical pocket knife. (It doesn’t mean I won’t carry a tactical pocket knife or fixed blade when I go out to the field for camping and hunting.)

Now when I pull it out to use, I don’t get the worry some stares. As I carry a beautiful Bulldog Brand 2-bladed groundhog with Mother of Pearl handles. When people see me using my knife, the comments are “Wow, that’s nice,” or “That’s beautiful, can I hold it?”


Bulldog Brand Groundhog

I find it’s much easier to change attitudes with beauty over menace.

Website Update & Sale

Boker Auto

Limited Edition Boker Sturgis Auto

I’ve added several new Automatic knives, Lone Wolf knives, and even a Knife Makers Vice to the website

Also, To celebrate my brother Marc’s birthday, I’ve put on his favorite knife brand ESEE on sale for a week at 20% off

40th Annual AKCA Knife & Gun Show

Lone Wolf Knife “Cocobolo Wood Pro-Grip Paul Defender”

lone wolf paul defender knife
Lone Wolf Knife “Cocobolo Wood Pro-Grip Paul Defender”
Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Lone Wolf Knife “Cocobolo Wood Pro-Grip Paul Defender” is quick to open & close, tough and great looking. The exciting design of the Paul® Defender was a collaboration between Lone Wolf designers and Paul Poehlmann the inventor of the Paul Axiel locking mechanism. The Defender is a true “Gentlemen’s Tactical Knife” with precision fit and finish, one of the toughest locks in the world and a premium quality blade. Every Defender can also be easily adjusted for right or left hand carry!

The extreme strength of the patented Axial locking mechanism and the safety of its locked-open and locked-closed (safe in the pocket) blade make this lock ideal for a tactical knife. The Paul® Defender has a great looking 3.9 inch blade designed for utility and piercing with a flat ground edge for strength and ease of re-sharpening.

The blade is built from premium 154CM high-carbon stainless steel that is tough and holds it cutting edge extremely well. The blade is heat-treated, tempered and cryogenically frozen to maximize it’s cutting performance and toughness. The Defender’s frame has thumb-notching just behind the blade on the top of the handle combined with its taper forward design to provide a positive grip. The handles are AAA Grade natural cocobolo hardwood that is checkered to provide a secure grip to match its natural beauty. These great looking handles are held in place with precision screws and escutcheon cups for a classy and high-tech appearance that is sure to please any knife enthusiast.

It is important to note that the Defender is totally ambidextrous and can be adapted to left hand use by simply removing the pocket clip and handles and swapping them from one side of the knife to the other converting the knife to a full-function left-handed knife. Buy two and set one up for both pockets and you can defend with either hand should the need arise. The Paul® Defender has a limited lifetime warranty

Blade Material: 154-CM Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Checkered Cocobolo Wood
Blade Length: 3-7/8″
Closed Length: 5-1/8″

Weight: 3.7 oz

What is Your EDC?

Every Day Carry Knives “What’s in Your Pocket?”

EDC knives are knives that you carry everyday for your job, sport or hobby. They should be quality knives that hold up to the rigors of everyday use. EDC knives should be easy to carry and easy to open and close and a clip makes them easily accessible.

I carry two.

In my right pocket I carry a Blackfoot by Lone Wolf Knives.

With its checkered Ebano wood handles, this knife feels good in my hands. I use it for basically all my cutting needs. This knife was voted the “Best Value U.S.A. Made Knife of the Year” at the “Blade Show” in Atlanta GA.

Occasionally,  I need a knife with a slimmer design for more delicate work, so in my left pocket I carry the Class Act Utility Folder by Mantis Knives.

Another U.S.A. made knife which I use when I have to simply make small slices or cuts.

So, “What’s in Your Pocket?”

Web Site Up and Running

The web site has been moved over to the new server and has been updated. I now have over 7000 products on the new site with almost 5000 knives ranging from Al Mar

to Victorinox/Wenger.

I have a new section on Kitchen knives which include the forged Japanese “Kanetsune” knives.

I am also working on having the largest selection of Bowie knives available on the Internet:

I am also one of the largest dealers for Lone Wolf Knives in the South West including their line of Automatics, both double action and their new single action coming out at the end of this month. If interested, just drop me an email or give me a call. (Sorry, Auto sales are restricted to active duty military/police and Arizona residents only).

Anyways with close to 5000 knives, I believe I have a knife for everyone. And soon, I’ll be  adding many more custom, vintage and collectibles on there also. In the mean time, browse  through the web site and then drop me a line with your comments and/or questions to

And oh yea, when you’re on there, order yourself a knife while you’re at it!