Mantis Knives: Tough Tony

Mantis Knives: Tough Tony

Tough Tony Knife

In remembrance of the toughest Tony I know, Tony Soprano, I’ve placed the Mantis Tough Tony knife on sale


Mantis MK-4 “Vuja De” Bali Song Karambit

One of the first 200 MK-4 “Vuja De” are out and I have it, but you can own it!

Mantis MK-4 Vuja De

Mantis MK-4 Vuja De

Order it here: Mantis Knives “MK-4 Vuja De” Bali Song Karambit

Mantis Tough Tony


Mantis Tough Tony

Sold Out on the Mantis Website I have them in stock at a great price!

Mantis Tough Tony

Don’t wait, get your’s today!

Top Skeleton-Framed Knives

Skeleton Framed Knives

For more info on these knives, click on the links bellow:

Mantis Knives MF-1C “Con Brillo”

Buck Knives Paklite

ESEE Knives Izula II

Ka-bar Knives Piggyback

Mantis Bottleneck Family

introduction of the “Bottleneck Family” was a milestone for the Mantis brand. This series of knives was our first collaboration with Hawk Designs of Idaho City ID.Gavin and Grant Hawk have long been friends of the Mantis organization so it was only natural that we eventually collaborated to bring knife enthusiasts one of the most unique gadgets that the knife-marketplace has ever seen. The Bottleneck design boasts a bottle opener and a 50-state legal butterfly knife which attaches effortlessly to any keyring with it’s integral handle/latch configuration.

The Bottleneck is 50 state legal to own. It’s blade length is just shy of 2.00″ which makes it legal for carry and use in all 50 states. This knife was designed with knife-rights on the top of our list. Why would we make a knife that’s so universally loved and universally affordable, if it can’t be carried by some of you?

40th Annual AKCA Knife & Gun Show

Limited Edition Mantis Krambit MK-1vX

I have aquired a Limited Edition Mantis Krambit (#17 of 18).

It is  a special version of our MK-1vX with a dual edge. (that’s right, a sharpened reverse cutting edge).

"The Edge You've Been Praying For"

Mantis has a special relationship with the DEA Philadelphia Field Office, and that they often order a special version of our MK-1vX with a dual edge.

Here is one of 18 that they have released to the public and now it could be your’s as is listed on my website for sale

What is Your EDC?

Every Day Carry Knives “What’s in Your Pocket?”

EDC knives are knives that you carry everyday for your job, sport or hobby. They should be quality knives that hold up to the rigors of everyday use. EDC knives should be easy to carry and easy to open and close and a clip makes them easily accessible.

I carry two.

In my right pocket I carry a Blackfoot by Lone Wolf Knives.

With its checkered Ebano wood handles, this knife feels good in my hands. I use it for basically all my cutting needs. This knife was voted the “Best Value U.S.A. Made Knife of the Year” at the “Blade Show” in Atlanta GA.

Occasionally,  I need a knife with a slimmer design for more delicate work, so in my left pocket I carry the Class Act Utility Folder by Mantis Knives.

Another U.S.A. made knife which I use when I have to simply make small slices or cuts.

So, “What’s in Your Pocket?”