Pro-tech Half Breed

Pro-tech Half Breed OTS Automatic, Digi-Cam G10 Handle, Plain Rare


Pro-tech Limited Edition Half Breed Auto Knife

Pro-tech Limited Edition Half Breed Auto Knife


These are extremely hard to get. I have a very limited supply so order yours today


Pro-Tech Dark Angel Dragon OTF Knife

The knife is a Limited Edition Pro-Tech OTF Dark Angel #5 of 40 made. It has stainless steel housing a Chad Nichols Damascus blade. What makes this knife unique and one of a kind is the engraving on the handle. The Dragons were engraved by the famous Italian master engraver Paolo Barbetti. And trimmed in 24 K Gold.

Dark Angel 001 Dark Angel 002 Dark Angel 003 Dark Angel 004 Dark Angel 005 Dark Angel 006 Dark Angel 007 Dark Angel 008 Dark Angel 009 Dark Angel 010

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Buy American Sale!

Agree or disagree with Pres. Obama makes no difference if we as a country do not stand together. Thinking on how I can support American manufacturing I’ve decided to place on sale those knife companies that make 100% of their knives in America.

Buy American

So for now until February 29, 2012 get an additional 25% off knives from our already low prices from the following companies:

Case                    ESEE                    Bear & Sons              BearOps

Colonial                GEC                      Paragon                    Pro-Tech

TOPS                   Silver Stag             Queen                       ShadowTech

If there is a company I carry and have over looked, please let me know;

W. R. Clark Custom Knife Maker


Stopping by my tables at the gun show today in Mesa, AZ was W. R. Clark who designed the Protech Godson Auto knife. Very cool.

40th Annual AKCA Knife & Gun Show

Pro-Tech Autos

I had a great time at the End of the Trail’s Gun Show in Casa Grande this past weekend. Selling many of my Lone Wolf auto’s, I was a bit worried as what to do for auto’s for the Crossroad’s show in Phoenix this weekend. Luckly, my shippment of Pro-Tech’s came in and I’m all set to go!

One of the Pro-Tech’s is a beautiful Limited Edition (18 of 25) Heritage Collectable God Son Auto with Brown Giraffe Bone Handle.

Also in are two Tactical Responce III knives. One with partial serrated blade and the other with the new fish scale handles.

Pro-Tech Tactical Responce III Part Serrated Auto

Pro-Tech Knives TR-3: Tactical Response 3 X1 Auto