New Damascus Folders

I’ve been dealing with Adil Zafar from Lahore Pakistan for several years now and I can testify to the excellent quality of his workmanship. Each knife he sends me is a well made knife no matter if it’s a fixed blade or folder. His Damascus is strong and sharp. You will not go wrong with one of his knives.

Three new folders have arrived and are now up on the website for sale.


Knives by Adil Zafar


Mantis MK-4 “Vuja De” Bali Song Karambit

One of the first 200 MK-4 “Vuja De” are out and I have it, but you can own it!

Mantis MK-4 Vuja De

Mantis MK-4 Vuja De

Order it here: Mantis Knives “MK-4 Vuja De” Bali Song Karambit

Photos of the 43rd AKCA Knife Show

Fenix Flashlights, Illuminate Your Adventure

—Fenix,roots from phoenix[fi:niks], Chinese translation is “phoenix, perfect thing”. And phoenix stands for lucky, blessedness and perfection in traditional Chinese culture.
—Fenix sticks to its belief ” Fenix flashlight, sunshine in your pocket”, and it has become the famous LED illuminating gear brand all over the world. It’s one of the international competitive Chinese flashlight brands.

Fenix Flashlights & Accessories Fenix brings innovation, practicality and reliability into one outstanding line. Come check out the variety, you are sure to find what you are looking for!