Extrema Ratio Dark Talon

The common features of the “Basic Folder” series are lightness, simplicity and ease of carry. While BF1 e BF2 are utility knives, the BF3 is both an utility and a defense knife. The blade is sharp and piercing. Carry is sufficiently comfortable despite overall length; its “bridge shaped” clip helps properly conceal the knife given a deep enough pocket. Lean, slim and essential. 18-4826-Product_Primary_Image

This is one bad ass pocket knife

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Roger Hatt Custom Folder

Canadian Roger Hatt has been making knives since 1994. When you get a Hatt knife, you get a beautiful bang for your buck.

Beautiful Damascus drop point folder with walrus ivory scales.

More information and to purchase the knife here






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  • Perfectly Balanced
  • Quick Rapid Deployment
  • Applegate-Fairbairn Designed S30V Steel Blade
  • Made in the USA

Overall Length: 8.70″
Blade Length: 3.78″
Blade Material: S30V
Weight: 5 oz.
Handle Material: Type III Anodized 6061 Aluminum

MSRP: $200.00

SDK Price: $125.00 Shipped

Call 602-397-0053 to order

An Hour With Greg Medford

I pulled up to a 15,000 square foot manufacturing facility on the North West side of Phoenix just off the interstate after having called ahead. I had a customer who wanted the top of the line MKT Praetorian Ti knife.

Praetorian T Drop Point

I had to order one so why not take a trip across town and do it in person.


Walking into the place I was greeted by Greg’s two children who were very friendly and then his wife Amy. She asked me to wait a moment and disappeared down to hall to return a few minutes later and issued me into Greg’s office where I got to meet the man himself. Not the first time, as I had met him three years ago at the Atlanta Blade Show. Like there, Greg greeted me with a powerful handshake as if I was a long unseen friend.


After pleasantries, Greg took time out from his busy schedule to tour his plant and explain each step of the process on how his knives are made. Greg said it simply, “He uses modern technology to make hand made knives.” With 20 employees working for him, his knives are made by hand. Each and every one. He looks at his manufacturing of his knives as a modern day Henry Ford building the Model T.

They use only US made steel for all of his knives. They make all the screws, hardware and clips in house. The only machining done on his knives are the drilling of the holes. The most impressive part of the his knives is that each one is totally ground by hand, free style. Put together by hand. A Kydex sheath is made for the fixed blade knives, (Soon they will be going to all leather sheaths), and then they are given a final detailed inspection before being shipped out in their own pelican case.

He showed me how not only are his knives are extremely sharp for cutting, but they will also take punishment of being used as a pry-bar. Something I hardly recommend using a knife for.

Besides knives, we talked about other interest we have in common. Namely, Massachusetts, Martial Arts and Military Service. Both our families have ties to Mass. Greg’s from Western Mass and mine from Boston proper. Greg had studied and taught martial arts for years in Arizona before turning to manufacturing earning several black belts. Also he served his county in Kuwait with the 5th Marines during Desert Storm. The hall of his offices are lined with photos and memorabilia of all the American wars from the Revolution through Iraq and Afghanistan.

Over all, the president / owner took time out of his day for me a regular guy. Turning me back over to Amy, he went back to work and I got my customer’s knife ordered and headed home.  Thank you Greg!

Medford Knives at SDK

Mike Tamboli Folder

Mike Tamboli of Glendale Arizona has been making knives for over 30 years. He has won many awards for his work in miniatures as well as regular sized custom knives. He has had his knives featured in many of the popular knife periodicals. 

Here is one of recent folders which has just been added to the website: 



Mike Tamboli Liner Lock Folder

The Ulster Knife Co.

Ulster Knife Works

Ulster Knife Works

Ulster Knife Company, founded in the 1870’s in Ellenville, NY. From the 1870’s through about 1940, produced very high quality pocketknives, similar to Schrade during the Schrade Cut Co era. For knives of that period, I would rate the Ulster brand as actually being more collectible than Schrade because the brand is completely gone.

Ulster was bought out by Albert Baer in 1904. They retooled and produced a much more “mass market” type pocket knife, similar to Camillus and Kutmaster. When Ulster then was absorbed into Imperial Schrade, they of course ceased to be a separate company but the name was a “brand”. Similar to Ford/Mercury or GM/Chevy/Buick etc.

From post WWII through the mid 1970’s, Imperial, Ulster, and Schrade knives were made by one company, Imperial Schrade. Imperial was the “low end” line, Ulster was the “mid-grade” line, and Schrade was the “high end” line.

The Ulsters were a step down in quality from Schrade, thinner blade stock, thinner bolsters (but still solid nickel silver), and a less broad range of patterns made. In my 1963 catalog of Schrade and Ulster, the Ulsters were about half the price of Schrades for equivalent patterns.

The funny part of this is that all these knives were made on the same machines. They also were all part of a company owned by the same person. Is it any wonder that you run across the same or similar numbers and styles. In fact that is kind of what makes these knives fun. It is nice to think that everything is regimented and in a nice order but the fact is you can find combinations no one ever knew existed. There has never really been a good codification and listing of Schrade knives and any records are usually post WW II prior to that you have there catalog which only shows the regular styles and models. Which is far from inclusive of everything they made some styles were produced in such small quantity’s that they never made the catalog, prototypes, saleman’s samples, overruns incorporating what ever was left from the last run, mistakes, just to name a few examples.

The company factory was shut down in 2004 and the Schrade brand name was bought up by Taylor Brands of Tenn.

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Weidmannsheil Knives

Weidmannsheil Knives – Wilhelm Weltersbach

Founded in 1882 in Solingen, Germany, Wilhelm Weltersbach produced a diverse line of quality made pocket knives and fixed blade knives for the German and European market. Calling his brand “Weidmannsheil” which translates from the German as “good hunting.”

Weltersbach used both a Stag head’s shield and a Boar head’s shield as it’s logos.

At last, all the Weltersbach cutlers had died by 1991 and all out put of knives had stopped by 1994. In 1997 the Friedrich Olbertz cutlery firm help James F. Parker of Tennessee acquire the rights to the name Weidmannsheil and the knives were once again being produced by the Olbertz Cutlery Company in Solingen, Germany for Parker Cutlery.

Friedrich Olbertz Cutlery was founded in 1872, in Solingen, the famous city of blades in Germany. The company is managed by the fifth generation of family and produces many famous brands such as “Weidmannsheil,” “Bulldog Brand,” “Fight’n Rooster,” and “Carl Schlieper” to name a few.

Weidmannsheil 2


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