Shadowtech Street Fighter Karambit’s On Sale

I’m offering three models of the Shadow Tech Street Fighter Karambits on sale. Click on the photos for more info and to order

Black G10 Scales

Black G10 Scales

Moonglo Scales

Moonglo Scales

Tan G10 Scales

Tan G10 Scales

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Very Rare Gerber Knife


Picked up this very sweet knife today. I found very little on it so far other then the following from Cutler’s Cove:

“Gerber S59 fixed blade hunting knife mint with original brown leather sheath stamped 475 on the sheath back.  10-1/8″ overall with a 4-¾” blade, slightly upswept, with finger choil and grooved thumb rest. Exotic hardwood handle with metal guard and butt cap. If I remember correctly they had 440C stainless steel blades. This is a hard knife to find.

I believe this could be an Al Mar design and from the beginning of the Presentation Grade hunting knife series. If you hold it in your hand it looks and feels like a hand made custom knife.

The Presentation Grade hunting knife series was Gerber’s top of the line hunting knives until a few years ago. This is maybe the early 475 model. There were six models starting with the smallest model 400, 425, 450, 475, 500 and going up to the largest 525.”

The knife looks to be factory sharp and seems to have been well cared for.


UPDATE 06/21/2013: When in doubt, go to the source;

I wrote to Gerber about the knife and received the following reply…

Hey Leopold,

 Beautiful knife you have there. I’ve scanned and attached a page from our 1973 catalogue that you may find informative. I have also attached some information on this series of knives on the below the catalogue image.

Gerber 475s knife

Gerber Presentation Series (1971 – 1985)

The 425S is one of several from the Gerber Presentation Series.  The Gerber Presentation Series consisted of two distinct lines of knives-one with a high speed tool steel blade and Sambar Stag handle, and the other with a 440-C stainless steel blade and Macassar ebony handle (Blades and handles were not interchangeable.)

The knives using Gerber high speed tool steel in the blade feature handles of Sambar Stag, a durable, solid-core antler naturally shed by the rugged Sambar deer of India and Ceylon.

The knives with 440-C stainless blades include handles of Macaasar ebony, an extremely dense, tough hardwood with a rich, dark grain, found in the jungles of southeast Asia.  The shape of these handles is a triumph of research and art-a powergrip handle as comfortable as it is handsome, affording great control.

In all these blades and handles a special notch in the blade offers the user greater control with safety and comfort.  The guard and butt cap are investment cast stainless steel.

The series included:

Model 400S Macassar Ebony and Model 400 Stag Handle

4” Skinning Blade:  Blade thickness .156”, overall length 9”

Model 425S (Macassar Ebony and Model 425 Stag Handle

4 ¼” Hunting and Camping Blade: Blade thickness .156”, overall length 9 ¼”

Model 450S (Macassar Ebony and Model 450 Stag Handle

4 ½” Fish and Game Blade: Blade thickness .156”, overall length 9 ½”

Model 475S (Macassar Ebony and Model 475 Stag Handle

4 ¾” Big Game Blade: Blade thickness .187”, overall length 9 ¾”

Model 525S (Macassar Ebony and Model 525 Stag Handle

5 ¼” Heavy Duty Hunting Blade: Blade thickness .187”, overall length 10 ¼”

Best regards,

Matthew Price

Consumer Services Representative | Gerber

Phone: (503) 403-1219 | Fax: (503) 403-1103

Four USA Made Marbles on Sale

Got four great USA made Marbles (old stock) on sale on the website:

These are knives are early 2000 era with high quality high carbon steel blades and hand fitted handles.

Woodcraft Hunting Knife with Stag Handle

Woodcraft Hunting Knife with Stag Handle

Fieldcraft with Stacked Leather Handle

Fieldcraft with Stacked Leather Handle

Plainsman with Buffalo Horn Handle

Plainsman with Buffalo Horn Handle

Marlin Camp Craft Knife

Marlin Camp Craft Knife

Ken McFall Knife ON SALE!

The price of this beautiful custom knife by Ken McFall has been lowered for Christmas. Click on the Photo to find out more.

Custom Hunter by Ken McFall

Custom Hunter by Ken McFall

My Black Friday Sale

Steve Tedford Big Belly Skinner

Tedford Big Belly Skinner

Steve Tedford Big Belly Skinner

Sunday at the Gun Show






Weekend Sale

Got a great deal for you this weekend on my website:

Queen Cutlery’s Shatt & Morgan Harness knife

Harness Knife

Shatt & Morgan Harness Knife

Sale good til 21 Oct 2012, I only have 3 in stock so it’s first come, first serve!

Damascus & Ivory Push Dagger by Dennis Cook

Picked up this beautiful Damascus & (pre-banned) Ivory push dagger made by Dennis Cook of Arizona.
Thinking of having the handle Scrimshaw, but not sure of what design I would like…thinking western, any ideas?

Damascus & Ivory Dagger

Damascus & Ivory Push Dagger

BOKER Magnum Wooden Diamond EDC Knife

BOKER Magnum Wooden Diamond EDC Knife is July 26th – Aug 1st Deal of the week!

BOKER Magnum Wooden Diamond EDC Knife

BOKER Magnum Wooden Diamond EDC Knife

Pocket knife by Magnum. This elegant and streamlined knife is a real EDC knife. The matte stainless steel bolsters, 440 stainless steel blade and sturdy liner lock make it a truly useful tool. The uniquely shaped rosewood handle adds a special touch. Lanyard hole for added convenience.

  • Blade length: 3 3/8″
  • Overall length: 7 7/8″
  • Weight: 4.2 oz

$12.99! at “The West’s Best Place for Knives!”


Deal of the Week: Ontario TAK-1 D2 Steel Serrated Edge Knife

The Ontario TAK-1 Knife made from D2 Steel with a semi-serrated edge bridges the gap between economy, toughness, and real-world features. The knife is designed in the field and built to be used in the field. No bells and whistles, just straight forward cutlery that works, whether it’s in the middle of a jungle or the blazing sun of the desert. RAT knives are used and carried by outdoorsmen and military professionals worldwide, including U.S. Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and by individual agents in most every agency within the United States Government.

Ontario Cutlery TAK-1

Ontario Cutlery TAK-1

Reg Price $149.99

SDK Price: $74.99