Knives by Ray Kirk, Master Smith

Ray Kirk has been forging knives since 1989 under the handle of Raker Knives. He was a cast member on Forged in Fire S1 E8. He is also the designer and maker of the famed “Trail of Tears” knife. Ray attends many of the hammer-ins and seminars on knife making around the country throughout the year.


When I spoke to Ray at the Tucson Knife show earlier this month, he allowed me to list a couple of his knives on the website. Little did I realize how well made the knives he gave me to consign were. After holding, photographing, and measuring them, I now want one for my own. You can bet I’m going to get one too!


His NDN integral knives are a pleasure to hold and use. Ray designed these knives for what he calls EDU (Every Day Use). Believe me, it is a knife that you would love to carry for everyday use, no mater if you’re out hiking, camping, boating or working.

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