Spyderco Limited Edition Yojimbo Knife

Now offering Spyderco’s Limited Edition Yojimbo Knife.


Designed by noted personal-defense trainer Michael Janich, the Yojimbo is a pioneer in the application of the Wharncliffe blades. Refined ergonomics complement the natural contours of the hand, ensuring maximum surface contact and positive control. They also encourage a thumb-forward grip and make the blade a natural extension of the hand. The straight cutting edge offers extreme cutting performance by transferring power all the way to the tip and ensures improved point strength. The handle has nested stainless steel liners and a Compression Lock.

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First Production Run Knife

I have picked up a beautiful NiB  Bear Ops Rancor Tactical Folder with Black Zytel Handle and Black Finished Blade.

mc-110-b7-tThe model is MC-110-B7-T


  • Blade Type: Modified Clip
  • Blade Material: CPM-S30V
  • Rockwell: 58-60
  • Length Closed: 4 3/8″
  • Edge Length: 2 7/8″
  • Overall Length: 7 ½”

Marked on the blade is “First Production Run” making this knife a great addition to a collection.

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Knives by Dean Laner Custom Knife Maker

Here are two nice knives from California knife maker Dean Laner

Custom Clip Point Hunter

Custom Clip Point Hunter with Zebra Wood Scales

Custom Tactical Utility

Paracord Wrapped Custom Tactical Utility

Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife 30th Anniversary Knife

It is especially exciting to handle a completely handmade knife, with 
the enduring knowledge that a skilled craftsman has put his soul into
manufacturing this particular knife. The blade continues through the 
handle at full breadth, which gives the knife extra solid weight in the hand. 
For those after a slightly more exclusive knife, this is an excellent choice - 
it is hard to find a better looking hunting knife. 
Comes with an all black leather sheath. The cross-guard is made of 
nickel-silver. All packed in a wooden gift box. Celebrating 30 years in the 
knife business, we are glad to offer one of our most special knives ever. 
Limited, numbered 1000 pcs.


This is one sweet knife
Mod. F1L3Ggm
Total length: 210 mm (8.3") 
Blade length: 100 mm (3.9") 
Blade thickness: 4,5 mm (0.18"), tapered
Tang: Full-tang
Weight (knife): 200g
Steel: 3G 
Blade hardness: 62 HRC
 Handle: Micarta
Sheath: All-covering leather

Order it here: Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife

Fake Microtech Knives

I was really amazed this past weekend at the knife show of how many fake Microtech knives were being sold to an unsuspecting public.

Several people brought knives to me that they had bought to show me what a great deal or bargain they gotten. When I told them what they had bought was not the real thing, and then showed them a real Microtech they were pissed off for being duped. Especially paying well over $100 for each knife.

Here are a few photos of Microtech fakes:

If you think you got a great deal for such a low price, wait until it breaks and you send the knife off to Microtech for repair. You’ll then find what a “great” deal you really got.

Sunday at the Gun Show






Pat Crawford Lock Folder

Now available to purchase.

A prototype Pat Crawford integral Locking Folder Knife

Pat Crawford Locking Folder Knife

Rescue Knives & Tools: Why You Need to Have One

A few months ago an 11 month old infant died tragically in a burning car because none of the onlookers happen to have a knife to cut the baby free from the jammed seat-belt. Last year the same thing happened to a young girl. And yet another example is when two off-duty firefighters failed to get a 4 year old out of a burning SUV for the same reason, nobody was carrying a knife.

When you are in a car crash and the vehicle is burning, seconds count. You don’t have time to wait for first responders to get there. You need to act immediately. I always carry a knife on me. I also have one in the glove box and one in the seat consul, but I live in a state where having a knife is not a crime.

Yet, there are some places that it is simply against the law to carry a knife (L.A. is a prime example), and a lot of people are really law-abiding citizens who don’t want to carry a knife on their persons or in their vehicles. Well there are options. One such is the one I placed in my daughter’s car and one in my wife’s SUV; The Boker ResCom designed by Chad Los Banos


Boker ResCom

Weighing on 2.8 oz, its attached to my daughter’s and wife’s seat belts unobtrusively, but ready at hand if and when needed.

and there are other “tools” you could consider carrying or having close at hand

Emergency Rescue Cutter

Emergency Rescue Cutter II

FKMD M.P.S.K. Rescue Multi-Tool

FKMD R.T.2 Airborne Rescue Tool

Assisted Open Rescue Knife

McGowan M.A.K.-1 Rescue Knife & Tactical Rescue Knife

Cop Tool


Ellis Sloan STF Tactical Fighter


Ellis Sloan STF Tactical Fighter

The STF is a fantastic knife which I would match it against many of the military knives out there today.

Blade: 5160 Polished Steel

Blade Length: 6.75″

Handle: Rubber mounted on Kevlar, 3 Double Headed Screws, Full Tang, Rounded Pommel with Lanyard Hole

Handle Length: 4.5″

Thickness: .25″

Overall Length: 11″

Sheath: Molded Kydex


SPECIAL NOTE: Only 2 of these have been made and I have them both in stock!

My Switch from Tactical to Classical

I’ve carried a knife as far back as I can remember. Some were pocket knives, some where belt pouch knives and others were sheath knives. But I’ve always had a knife on me. It’s a useful tool.

Recently, I made a switch from a pocket tactical knife back to a classic pocket folder.

Now I liked my tactical knife. I carried a Lone Wolf Blackfoot knife. Nice knife with a black coated blade, checkered Ebano wood handle and a pocket clip. It was an easy one hand opener which felt good in my hand, was easy to hold and use.


Lone Wolf Blackfoot

So why the switch?

My full time day job has me working daily with children and many times people would spy my tactical knife clipped to the inside of my pocket. And then the questions would start; “You have a knife?”



“Because it’s a tool.”

But I know what they were always thinking, “He carries a knife, he must be bad man. Will he pull it out and use it to kill someone?”

Not that I really cared what they thought. But there’s a time and place for each and every battle. So switching to a classical pocket knife for me was a no brainer. When I was young growing up in central Florida I had a belt pouch Buck .110 folder. When I went into the Army I carried a 12”Arkansas toothpick. Since then I carried a multitude of  different tactical pocket knives, but with the changes in society and the liberal attitudes towards knives, I switched back to the classical pocket knife. (It doesn’t mean I won’t carry a tactical pocket knife or fixed blade when I go out to the field for camping and hunting.)

Now when I pull it out to use, I don’t get the worry some stares. As I carry a beautiful Bulldog Brand 2-bladed groundhog with Mother of Pearl handles. When people see me using my knife, the comments are “Wow, that’s nice,” or “That’s beautiful, can I hold it?”


Bulldog Brand Groundhog

I find it’s much easier to change attitudes with beauty over menace.