Jeremy Hewitt Traditional Hunter

Under the tutelage of Tim Hancock, Jeremy has evolved into a fine knife maker. This traditional hunting knife is some of his finest work. Razor sharp, it fits easily into the hand. I’m positive this knife would be able to skin a bull moose with no problem.

j hewitt

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Boker Plus Apparo/Martin Survival Knife

Apparo Survival Knife

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Over the years, the knife market has seen numerous survival knives with hollow handles. Many of which can only be regarded as mere show pieces, due to a lack of stability. However, Newton Martin from Texas has developed a construction which is virtually indestructible, despite the screwed tang and handle. Extreme bending tests with this fixed blade have permanently deformed the blade before any kind of weak points were noticeable at the point of connection. International experts have been highly enthusiastic about the presentation of these custom knives, and now we are extremely proud to present this successful concept by Martin Knives as an exclusive Boker Plus product. The massive blade has a thickness of 6mm, and is made of high performance 440C stainless steel. The construction of the handle provides an entirely waterproof compartment inside the handle, for the safe storage of additional equipment (not included). The cord wrapping of the handle not only increases the grip but also provides several valuable meters of stable rope in case of an emergency. Due to the milled checkering, the handle also provides a safe amount of grip in various conditions without the wrapping. The prominent handguard enhances the secure handling of the knife. The handle and blade have a matte, non-reflective blasted finish. A knife without compromise, ready for any adventure! Includes a high quality black leather sheath.

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Undead Stiletto Personal Protection Knife

Bear & Sons

Undead Stiletto Personal Protection Knife

Undead Stiletto Personal Protection Knife

Blade Material : CPM-S30V Steel

Handle Material : Reaper Z Coating T6 Aluminum

Rockwell : 58-60

Closed Length : 4-3/8″

Edge : 3-1/4″

Weight : 2.5 oz.

Extras : One Hand Opener, Pocket Clip & Tip Down Carry

Retail: $120.00

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Made in the USA


The Do’s & Don’ts of Knives by Blade Magazine’s Steve Shackleford

The do’s and don’ts of knives are many. Knowing them will make your knife experience much more rewarding and satisfying. Here are but a few:

DO use a sharpener to touch up the edge of your knife after each use or at the end of each day of use.

DON’T use your knife as a pry bar (unless it has a pry tip and is designed for such use).

DO rinse off and dry your non-stainless carbon steel knife after each extended use or at the  end of day of each use (it’s probably not a bad idea to do the same no matter what the blade material is).

DON’T store your knife in a leather sheath for extended periods.

DO cut away from other people/your body when cutting rope, cardboard boxes open, etc.

DON’T show off flipping your folding knife open and closed at knife shows in crowds of people or around any area crowded with people, for that matter.

DO ask a maker’s permission to pick up a knife from his table at a knife show.

DON’T open more than one blade at a time on a multi-blade folder (it puts unnecessary pressure on the backsprings; besides, it’s a good way to get accidentally cut).

DO carry a knife whenever possible where it is legal to do so (and when the knife meets local legal requirements).

DON’T pull out a loupe/magnifying glass to closely inspect a new custom or handmade knife at a knife show (it’s just not considered good form; besides, unless you’re legally blind, if you can’t see what’s right or wrong with a knife with the naked eye, then it’s not worth worrying about).

DO attend as many knife shows as you can and view knives up close and personal and meet the makers who build them.

DON’T interrupt a conversation between a maker and someone he or she is talking to at his or her table at a knife show. It’s rude.

DO read as much as you can about knives, their history and their makers.

DON’T take everything you read about knives as gospel. Always look for at least one additional opinion on the subject.

For the latest on knives, stay honed at (

– See more at:

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Blade Show Knives

I’ll be at the Blade Show in Atlanta on Saturday, Jun 1st.

I’ll have the following knives with me:

1 Bob Loveless Drop Point Hunter

2 Howard Veile Fixed Blade

1 Howard Veile Folder

1 Jim Ort (Oz Knives) Dragon knife

1 Dr Fred Carter Fixed Blade

2 Eli Jensen Fixed Blade Knives

1 Ellis Sloan Chainsaw Blade Zombie Slayer

1 Bill Wolf Fixed Blade

1 Jake Tuinstra Border Patrol

1 Chet Deubel Folder

If you are interested in any of the above, contact me (Leopold) at 602.397.0053

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Lincoln’s Pocket Knife

President Abraham Lincoln‘s pockets were inventoried when he was assassinated. One of the items he carried was a pocket knife.

After contacting the Library of Congress I found the following information on Lincoln’s Pocket Knife:

The knife is 9 cm. long (or 19 cm. when fully opened) and 1.1 wide.  It has six blades, one major (3 x 1 cm.)  on each side occupying the center position, flanked by two smaller blades (ranging between 4 and 4.2 cm. long and .5 and .5 cm. wide).  The base of each blade carries the legend: “William Gilchrist’s / Celebrated / Razor Steel” on one side and the initials “W.G.” on the opposite.  (The next faces the same direction on each of the three blades at each end, but this is in the opposite direction in respect to the ends themselves.)  There are no other identifying initials or symbols to be found on the knife.

Eric Frazier
Reference Librarian
Rare Books and Special Collections Division
Library of Congress


Ironically, this his style of knife is called a Congress. The scales of the knife are Ivory. William Gilchrist was an American importer who had the knives made for him in Europe.


“Old Abe” knew how to use his knife. too. For example, when Christopher Spencer demonstrated his “horizontal shot tower” to him Lincoln whittled a front sight for the rifle that he thought might work better. – John Schedel

Rare Benchmade 9000 AFO Automatic Knife

Purple 9000 AFO by Benchmade

This is a rare knife as only a few of these were made in this color and very few are for sale.

Benchmade 9000 AFO Knife

Benchmade Purple 9000 AFO Knife


More photo’s and information here:

October Website Updates

First off I added new drop down menus to the home page of the website to make it easier to navigate. Check it out and feel free to drop me a line at with your comments and/or suggestions.

Added 5 more Damascus Hunters by Gerome Weinand to his page here

New Special of the Week

Bear & Sons Cutlery Red Stag Bone Single Blade Peanut is our Special of the week.


Red Stag Bone Single Blade Peanut

Bolsters * Brass Liners * Hollow Ground Blade * Red Stag Bone Handles * Carbon
Steel Blade

American Made

Comming In

I have two Lone Wolf (USA Made) knives in pristine condition coming in on Monday. Email me if interested (

Lone Wolf LOBO dual-action auto with Damascus blade & CoCo Bolo scales: $500

Lone Wolf Diablo dual-action auto with very nice looking snake-wood scales & black blade. $350

And a

Microtech Troodon OTF double edged dagger blade built in 2010 with 3.125 inch blade. $325