Beautiful Damascus Bowie

Anyone who knows me knows I have this thing for Bowie knives. I feel there is no better all around knife than a Bowie knife.

Adnan Monger sent me this beautiful Damascus Bowie knife.

15726282_1181907135225390_7315562100976900748_n 15747875_1181907198558717_2030471708458765209_n 15781733_1181907145225389_3695617477362626048_n 15823169_1181907175225386_8377656287414324064_n

14.5″ Long with a 9.5″ blade length. Brass guard and butt cap and a colored giraffe bone handle.

If you’re interested in owning this one of a kind beauty, click here!


Bowie Knife Blog

Came across a very nice informative blog on Bowie knives by Paul Kirchner. 

Check it out here:

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Linder – German Made Bowies

I’ve added several of the Linder Bowies today on our sister website: The American Bowie Knife Company

Linder is a German knife manufacturer located in Germany / Solingen. This manufacturer has a very long knife tradition and is one of the most popular German knife manufacturer. Linder knives stands for high quality knives for acceptable prices. Here you will get a lot of knife for low budget.

Contoured Cocobolo Bowie Knife

Contoured Cocobolo Bowie Knife

Big Eagle Bowie

Big Eagle Bowie

Original Bowie

Original Bowie

Deluxe Bowie

Deluxe Bowie

Stag Bowie II

Stag Bowie II

Stag Bowie Knife

Stag Bowie Knife

Kentucky Bowie

Kentucky Bowie

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Tired of Tantos

I’m tired of Tantos.  Once again the Tanto Rage is in full swing and all the new blades I’ve been seeing… the ones other guys are all “Look at this” all about… They are all Tantos.   The Tanto design is completely over rated.  While it has it’s Pro’s, I’ve found over time that the Cons are out-weighting them.   I’m not going to go into a Nut’n Fancy detailed breakdown of all the points and elements.  These should be apparent to you… you’re a big boy and Google is your friend.


I use my knives a lot.  My “Tactical” knives – most guys keep them well oiled and unused in their “Kit”.  Totally razor sharp.  In case of Zombies, or a call from SECDEF requesting the use of their particular sets of skills.   I’m not that guy anymore.  So all my throat slitting, 4/5 rib punchers get used for other things.  Like what they are designed to actually do – cut things.  Not “Testing” by chopping tree limbs, bending the blade sideways or all the other “Torture” tests people do.   No, I used them to cut things.  Like food.  My Combat Bowie?  That’s become my favorite BBQ knife.    I don’t care if a blade is forged by Hephaestus himself out of meteorite and the souls of fallen Samurai.  It’s pulling KP over here.  It’s going to open packages.  It’s going to slice sheets of vinyl.  It’s going to do the every day menial tasks that is of the peasant class, not the warrior class.


full_gi-tanto-80pgtk-full-1I’ve found that Tanto knives are cool looking, but they don’t like to really work.   For the most part, much of the cutting ends up happening at the point of the blade where there should be a wide curve.  Instead there is a sharp angle.  This is an exaggeration of the original design and is a modern invention from fantasy.  And it puts all the cutting in real world use at that point.  Which will dull easily and quickly regardless of how elite the steel is.  Now, I’m not talking about swords or sword length blades.  I’m talking about knives.  One handed, and generally under 18 inches of blade length.


CS88SDI feel no sense of history or belonging with a Tanto.  It’s not culturally connected to my heritage.  Of course, the blade that does connect with me culturally is of little actual field use either… but I know it’s a part of my family history in early times before they came to America.   These are actually good for deboning and slicing baked goods.   But that’s not entirely the point either.   When I pick up a Tanto, there is no connection to my past in any way.   They feel hollow to me these days.   There is no feeling patriotism.   I have one tanto bladed knife left.  It was a gift from friends… I will never part with it.   All my other Tantos have been given away or just lost and I’ve not bothered searching for them.


My favorite blade, that touches on my American Heritage, and makes me feel that sense of “this belongs here”… are the Bowie Knives.




Bowies can be big and beautiful.  They can be elegant and refined.   They speak of our Frontier History as a razor sharp national icon.  The Bowie is as American as the 1911 pistol and a Harley Davidson motorcycle.  The actual history of the Bowie has some questions as to the design.  The first Bowie Knife designed by Jim Bowie, carried and used famously by Jim Bowie… we don’t know what that knife looks like.  Or the actual size.  It was just reported to be a big freaking knife.   But the modern style of what we call a Bowie fills the void of details just fine.  The style is unique in a large blade, and translates well into smaller blades.  It’s beautiful and it’s effective… and best yet it actually works.




Now, I’m not about high polished elegance and all that.  I like working blades.  Just like my guns.  They need to speak of their use and capability.   They need to tell you just by their appearance that they will do horrible things to you.  They need to tell you to be careful with them… and that they don’t care if they have to hurt.   That’s a real Bowie to me.   One of my favorites that says all that is from ZOMBIE TOOLS.   These guys got the Bowie just right.  And added some serious DGAF attitude.


I think that’s probably the #1 thing that Tantos just don’t have.  Attitude.  They don’t don’t have that machismo.   CHARACTER.  The most interesting man in the world wouldn’t carry or use a Tanto.  Most importantly… a Tanto is unfit for use in preparing and serving BBQ and spending the day Grilling.


Go get yourself a damn Bowie Knife.




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Arkansas Toothpicks by Sonoran Desert Knives

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bowie knives. There’s nothing like the feel of a well made Bowie in your hand no mater the task, be it camping, hunting or fighting. Just the intimidation of pulling a Bowie out of its sheath is a factor of 10+. Watching the TV show “Revolution” (S#!& Happens episode)  last night with my wife got my blood flowing when they set the scene of Miles using a sword against one of the Texas Rangers who welded a large Bowie, blade up. Good knife fight.

But I digress. Along with the famed Bowie knife stands the Arkansas Toothpick. A large double edge bladed knife which was kin to the Bowie knife.

The Arkansas toothpick is a heavy dagger with a 12–20-inch (30–51 cm) pointed, straight blade. The knife is balanced and weighted for throwing and can be used for thrusting and slashing. James Black, the inventor of the Bowie knife, is credited with inventing the Arkansas toothpick. (from Wikipedia).

While serving in the Military many of my brothers enjoyed carrying the Gerber Mark 1 knife while I in turn carried a 12″ Arkansas Toothpick. A lot of eyeballs would widen anytime I needed to un-sheath my knife.

When I began knife collecting, Of course I focused on what like, mostly Bowie type knives along with good well-balanced fighters and of course toothpicks. Unfortunately, not many toothpicks were readily available. There where only cheap $20-$30 versions (you get what you pay for) or extremely expensive $600+ customs. When I started Sonoran Desert Knives, I decided to offer a mid range toothpick. Needless to say, they went fast. Selling out in less than six months.

I have decided to release at this time two of the three that I have in my personal collection. This is your chance to get a very well made custom Arkansas Toothpick at a reasonable price. These are 12 3/4″ knives with a beautiful stag handle, full tang, Damascus guard and a high carbon 8 3/4″ Damascus blade.

Clicking on the photos will take you to the website.

IMG_3509 IMG_3511 IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3516 IMG_3517

AKCA Knife Makers Class

Hancock Class

This is a demonstration you won’t want to miss. TimHancock will be demonstrating the construction of hisfamous frame Bowie handle and the manufacture of the silver button heads that decorate the scales.
Tim is no new comer to hot steel. He was learning to shoe horses before he was out of grade school and began teaching an older cowboy the art at the age of fifteen. Tim became a pipe welder with enough expertise to become a welding engineer in the nuclear
power plant construction industry. By 1987 Tim began forging a blade for a Sioux quilled sheath that belonged to his father. By 1992 he had become a full time knifemaker and earned his Journeyman Smith stamp fromthe American Bladesmith Society (ABS). By 1994 he hadacquired the prestigious ABS Master Smith stamp. Alongwith high quality Damascus forged blades he forges top
shelf bits and spurs.
For more information on Tim I would suggest theexcellent and exhaustive compilation of Tim’s work in David Darom’s, Tim Hancock, The Western Blade Smith.
All classes will have an 8:00AM sign in and 9:00AM start. Members pay $25.00, non-members pay $50.00. Minors are free and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Pay-ment for the class/demo goes to the club. Bring an item for the raffle which is held at every demo. Raffle proceeds go to the club.
Bring a bagged lunch unless told other-wise or you know of a local eating place. Lunch will be from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Demon-
strators will be paid $300.00 from the club. The demonstrator may or may not auction the day’s product so be prepared to
bid if there is something you are interested in. Cash payment only and proceeds goes to demonstrator.

20″ Bowie Knife

There is not too many of this sized Bowie knives around. Believe me when I say this is one big Bowie. At just under 20″ this knife was designed by and made for Western Artist John Hill by custom knife maker Jim Ort of Oz knives.

Ort/Hill Bowie

Made of 1095 high carbon polished steel

Ort/Hill Bowie

The blade alone is 14.25″ long

Ort/Hill Bowie Ort/Hill Bowie

Beautiful Crown Stag Handle

Ort/Hill Bowie

Leather Sheath also by Jim Ort

Interested in adding this to your collection? Check it out on the web site here


Damascus & Stag Arkansas Toothpicks

There Back!

SDK Damascus & Stag double edge Arkansas toothpicks. These beautiful knives are over 15″ long and made for us by Mehran Cutlery.

Damascus & Stag Akansas Toothpick

Damascus & Stag Akansas Toothpick

Check it out on our website here: SDK Brand Knives

Chet Deubel’s Knives

Just returned home from a weekend at the Tucson gun show where I spent the evenings at the home of custom knife maker Chet Deubel and his lovely wife Carol. Here are a few photos of some of the knives he has made and stock piling for the Las Vegas antique gun & knife show in January.


Just completed Damascus Bowie


Damascus Dagger w/Ivory Handle


Collection of folders including palm release Autos


Dozen’s of Fixed Blades


And Dozens more

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Vintage Larry Brandstetter Custom Handcrafted Bowie

As far as I can gather, Larry Brandstetter made knives in the 80’s possible the 70’s also. His knives seem to be more like a work of art then functional knives. The few mentions I can find on him on the internet tend to be on knife forums and very few pictures of his knives.
This knife seems to be distinct of his style. It is a Bowie with a large (long) clip point blade. The handle is exotic wood with a Mother of Pearl inlay. The guard and bolster is cast nickle silver. And the blade is mirror polished.

Larry Brandstetter Bowie

Vintage Larry Brandstetter Bowie

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