Chef’s Knives

I’ve gotten two amazing chef’s knives from knifemaker Ron Oka

The first is a beautiful Tiger Stripe Maple handled knife with 64 layers of Damascus stainless steel with a VG-10 core


The second is just as amazing, Desert Ironwood handled knife with Hitachi Steel


Both of these knives can be ordered here


Basic Knife Fighting Techniques: Grips

Knife Grips

There are several ways a knife can be held for offensive or defensive use. The two most common are the forward and reverse grips.

The following are variations of the forward grip:

  • Hammer grip – the hand is wrapped around the knife handle, with the thumb on top of the fist, as if gripping a hammer
  • Saber grip – the hand is wrapped around the knife handle, while the thumb is placed on the top of either the handle or the spine of the blade
  • Modified saber grip – as before, but with the thumb wedged against the flat dimension of the blade.
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