‘Oh for the Love of Cooking’

Holidays are a time of  family celebrations which means a lot of get-together s around the dinner table. This Christmas give the one who loves to cook a beautiful new Damascus Chef knife. Custom handmade by Muhammad Zubair


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Russian Bulat Osetr Big Filet Knife

If you’re into any kind of fishing, saltwater, freshwater, pond, lake, river or stream you need a quality filet knife in your tackle box.


Than the Russian Bulat Osetr Big Filet knife is for you. Topping out a 13″ long with an 8″ blade of flexible Damascus steel and a Birch Bark handle, This knife would handle any of your fish you’re fix’in to fry.

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Arkansas Toothpicks by Sonoran Desert Knives

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bowie knives. There’s nothing like the feel of a well made Bowie in your hand no mater the task, be it camping, hunting or fighting. Just the intimidation of pulling a Bowie out of its sheath is a factor of 10+. Watching the TV show “Revolution” (S#!& Happens episode)  last night with my wife got my blood flowing when they set the scene of Miles using a sword against one of the Texas Rangers who welded a large Bowie, blade up. Good knife fight.

But I digress. Along with the famed Bowie knife stands the Arkansas Toothpick. A large double edge bladed knife which was kin to the Bowie knife.

The Arkansas toothpick is a heavy dagger with a 12–20-inch (30–51 cm) pointed, straight blade. The knife is balanced and weighted for throwing and can be used for thrusting and slashing. James Black, the inventor of the Bowie knife, is credited with inventing the Arkansas toothpick. (from Wikipedia).

While serving in the Military many of my brothers enjoyed carrying the Gerber Mark 1 knife while I in turn carried a 12″ Arkansas Toothpick. A lot of eyeballs would widen anytime I needed to un-sheath my knife.

When I began knife collecting, Of course I focused on what like, mostly Bowie type knives along with good well-balanced fighters and of course toothpicks. Unfortunately, not many toothpicks were readily available. There where only cheap $20-$30 versions (you get what you pay for) or extremely expensive $600+ customs. When I started Sonoran Desert Knives, I decided to offer a mid range toothpick. Needless to say, they went fast. Selling out in less than six months.

I have decided to release at this time two of the three that I have in my personal collection. This is your chance to get a very well made custom Arkansas Toothpick at a reasonable price. These are 12 3/4″ knives with a beautiful stag handle, full tang, Damascus guard and a high carbon 8 3/4″ Damascus blade.

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IMG_3509 IMG_3511 IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3516 IMG_3517

5 New Desert Damascus Knives

I’ve added 5 new Desert Damascus knives to the website. These are made exclusively for Sonoran Desert Knives, quality Damascus steel at reasonable prices

Sm Buffalo Hunter

Sm Buffalo Hunter

Camp Utility

Camp Utility


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New Desert Damascus Knives

Sonoran Desert Knives has contracted with a major overseas company to have beautiful handcrafted Damascus knives made. These knives are individually unique and of high quality, yet very affordable. The Damascus steel is 1095 & 15n20 steel. Strong and able to hold a very nice edge. Each knife comes with a very nice handcrafted leather sheath.
DSC_0037 DSC_0043 DSC_0029 DSC_0023 DSC_0015
Wholesale inquiries welcomed leopold@SonoranDesertKnives.com

Nice Small Big Belly Hunting Knife

This beautiful knife is made by custom knife maker Ellis Sloan of Tucson, AZ. The Damascus is an outstanding example of his work and the steel & copper layered bolster and butt cap is simply amazing as well as unique. The smooth Alaskan maple wood handle has some beautiful character to it also. Looking almost 3D when you turn it in your hands. This knife is perfect for an everyday working knife.

019 021

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Pro-Tech Dark Angel Dragon OTF Knife

The knife is a Limited Edition Pro-Tech OTF Dark Angel #5 of 40 made. It has stainless steel housing a Chad Nichols Damascus blade. What makes this knife unique and one of a kind is the engraving on the handle. The Dragons were engraved by the famous Italian master engraver Paolo Barbetti. And trimmed in 24 K Gold.

Dark Angel 001 Dark Angel 002 Dark Angel 003 Dark Angel 004 Dark Angel 005 Dark Angel 006 Dark Angel 007 Dark Angel 008 Dark Angel 009 Dark Angel 010

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Damascus Pocket Chopper

Beautiful Damascus Folding Knife w/Stag Scales, Damascus Bolsters and Reverse Tanto Damascus Blade

Damascus & Stag Folder


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October Website Updates

First off I added new drop down menus to the home page of the website to make it easier to navigate. Check it out and feel free to drop me a line at leopold@SonoranDesertKnives.com with your comments and/or suggestions.

Added 5 more Damascus Hunters by Gerome Weinand to his page here

Kemal Midnight Dagger Set

Up for sale on the website is a Don Fogg & Murad Sayen collaboration one of a kind set of daggers.

The name Kemal is an Arabic word referring to the state of balance between the creative power of the sun (Jelal) and the receptive power of the moon (Jemal). It can be literally translated as “balanced” or “perfect.” We chose this name for our business as a living ideal for the qualities that we tried to build into each knife.

Kemal Midnight Daggers