Chef’s Knives

I’ve gotten two amazing chef’s knives from knifemaker Ron Oka

The first is a beautiful Tiger Stripe Maple handled knife with 64 layers of Damascus stainless steel with a VG-10 core


The second is just as amazing, Desert Ironwood handled knife with Hitachi Steel


Both of these knives can be ordered here


Randall Made

From the Randall website: Orders are limited to one knife per household every three months. Orders received now are being scheduled for shipment in approximately 4 years, year 2019.

That is a long wait to receive a knife. Well you don’t have to wait quite that long if you’re interested in a nice Randall Bird& Trout knife

IMG_4312 IMG_4313 IMG_4314 IMG_4315 IMG_4316 IMG_4317 IMG_4318 IMG_4319

4″ blade of 3/16″ stock. Top cutting edge sharpened appoximately 2 inches. 4 3/8″-5/8″ Mexican desert ironwood. Especially suited for small fish and feathered game. Historical note: Francis G. Powers, U-2 pilot, was carrying a model 8 when he was shot down over Russia in May, 1960.

By it here

Tom Bryan AKCA 1998 #1 Club Knife

In 1998 there were two club knives offered by the AKCA (Arizona Knife Collectors Association). The first (#1) 40 knives by Tom Bryan and the second (#2) 60 knives by Case Cutlery.

AKCA 1998 Club Knife

AKCA 1998 Club Knife

Tom Bryan is a long time AKCA member and lives in Gilbert, AZ.

Desert Ironwood Scales

Desert Ironwood Scales

ATS-34 Mirror Polish Hollow Ground 8" Blade

ATS-34 Mirror Polish Hollow Ground 8″ Blade