Bushcraft/Survival Knives

skill at living in the bush.

The term was coined after the means of survival in the Australian outback or “bush country.” Good bushcraft skills mean the difference between life and death, and those skills are hugely enhanced by a good knife, your primary tool.
The right bushcraft knife is an essential tool in order to be able to survive.
It must be part hunting knife, part tactical knife, and part camping knife since you will be carrying for the foreseeable, and often unforeseeable, future. It needs to be able to cut limbs for fires and cooking, as well as building shelters. It should be capable of cleaning and skinning an animal as well as basic self-defense. It must have a full tang since it will be put through countless hours of abuse.
There are quite a few good knives out there to be used in the bush. But when it comes to my survival, there are only a couple knives I would count on.
The Gear2Survive Classic Bushcraft knife designed by Marc Lacrimosa (yes my brother) and built by Shadow Tech Knives in Ohio.


The other is the new Defiant Bushcraft knife designed by Abe Ellis and built by Colonial Knives of Rhode Island.




Why these two knives?

  • Both of these knives are heavy duty knives without being so large as to make it difficult to be able handle small tasks.
  • Both knives are guaranteed for life by the manufacturers. (They are able to outlast you).
  • Both knives can handle multiple tasks.
  • Both knives are large enough to be used in a self-defense situation
  • Both knives have sheaths that allow multiple ways to carry


Bellow is a side by side comparison:


Here’s what others are saying about the knives:
Colonial Knife Corp: “It more than met my expectations”

Gear2Survive: “It feels like an ESEE, only better”


Both knives are great knives and would make you feel as if you’re able survive the bush a hell of a lot easier!


Boker Plus Apparo/Martin Survival Knife

Apparo Survival Knife

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Over the years, the knife market has seen numerous survival knives with hollow handles. Many of which can only be regarded as mere show pieces, due to a lack of stability. However, Newton Martin from Texas has developed a construction which is virtually indestructible, despite the screwed tang and handle. Extreme bending tests with this fixed blade have permanently deformed the blade before any kind of weak points were noticeable at the point of connection. International experts have been highly enthusiastic about the presentation of these custom knives, and now we are extremely proud to present this successful concept by Martin Knives as an exclusive Boker Plus product. The massive blade has a thickness of 6mm, and is made of high performance 440C stainless steel. The construction of the handle provides an entirely waterproof compartment inside the handle, for the safe storage of additional equipment (not included). The cord wrapping of the handle not only increases the grip but also provides several valuable meters of stable rope in case of an emergency. Due to the milled checkering, the handle also provides a safe amount of grip in various conditions without the wrapping. The prominent handguard enhances the secure handling of the knife. The handle and blade have a matte, non-reflective blasted finish. A knife without compromise, ready for any adventure! Includes a high quality black leather sheath.

Now on sale at SonoranDesertKnives.com http://www.sonorandesertknives.com/boker.html

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Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife 30th Anniversary Knife

It is especially exciting to handle a completely handmade knife, with 
the enduring knowledge that a skilled craftsman has put his soul into
manufacturing this particular knife. The blade continues through the 
handle at full breadth, which gives the knife extra solid weight in the hand. 
For those after a slightly more exclusive knife, this is an excellent choice - 
it is hard to find a better looking hunting knife. 
Comes with an all black leather sheath. The cross-guard is made of 
nickel-silver. All packed in a wooden gift box. Celebrating 30 years in the 
knife business, we are glad to offer one of our most special knives ever. 
Limited, numbered 1000 pcs.


This is one sweet knife
Mod. F1L3Ggm
Total length: 210 mm (8.3") 
Blade length: 100 mm (3.9") 
Blade thickness: 4,5 mm (0.18"), tapered
Tang: Full-tang
Weight (knife): 200g
Steel: 3G 
Blade hardness: 62 HRC
 Handle: Micarta
Sheath: All-covering leather

Order it here: Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife

Bowie Nation

Added a new section to the website tonight, Bowie Nation. This is for all you lovers of the large Bowie knives


Deal of the Week: Ontario TAK-1 D2 Steel Serrated Edge Knife

The Ontario TAK-1 Knife made from D2 Steel with a semi-serrated edge bridges the gap between economy, toughness, and real-world features. The knife is designed in the field and built to be used in the field. No bells and whistles, just straight forward cutlery that works, whether it’s in the middle of a jungle or the blazing sun of the desert. RAT knives are used and carried by outdoorsmen and military professionals worldwide, including U.S. Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and by individual agents in most every agency within the United States Government.

Ontario Cutlery TAK-1

Ontario Cutlery TAK-1

Reg Price $149.99

SDK Price: $74.99