Knives by Dean Laner Custom Knife Maker

Here are two nice knives from California knife maker Dean Laner

Custom Clip Point Hunter

Custom Clip Point Hunter with Zebra Wood Scales

Custom Tactical Utility

Paracord Wrapped Custom Tactical Utility


Ellis Sloan STF Tactical Fighter


Ellis Sloan STF Tactical Fighter

The STF is a fantastic knife which I would match it against many of the military knives out there today.

Blade: 5160 Polished Steel

Blade Length: 6.75″

Handle: Rubber mounted on Kevlar, 3 Double Headed Screws, Full Tang, Rounded Pommel with Lanyard Hole

Handle Length: 4.5″

Thickness: .25″

Overall Length: 11″

Sheath: Molded Kydex


SPECIAL NOTE: Only 2 of these have been made and I have them both in stock!

My Switch from Tactical to Classical

I’ve carried a knife as far back as I can remember. Some were pocket knives, some where belt pouch knives and others were sheath knives. But I’ve always had a knife on me. It’s a useful tool.

Recently, I made a switch from a pocket tactical knife back to a classic pocket folder.

Now I liked my tactical knife. I carried a Lone Wolf Blackfoot knife. Nice knife with a black coated blade, checkered Ebano wood handle and a pocket clip. It was an easy one hand opener which felt good in my hand, was easy to hold and use.


Lone Wolf Blackfoot

So why the switch?

My full time day job has me working daily with children and many times people would spy my tactical knife clipped to the inside of my pocket. And then the questions would start; “You have a knife?”



“Because it’s a tool.”

But I know what they were always thinking, “He carries a knife, he must be bad man. Will he pull it out and use it to kill someone?”

Not that I really cared what they thought. But there’s a time and place for each and every battle. So switching to a classical pocket knife for me was a no brainer. When I was young growing up in central Florida I had a belt pouch Buck .110 folder. When I went into the Army I carried a 12”Arkansas toothpick. Since then I carried a multitude of  different tactical pocket knives, but with the changes in society and the liberal attitudes towards knives, I switched back to the classical pocket knife. (It doesn’t mean I won’t carry a tactical pocket knife or fixed blade when I go out to the field for camping and hunting.)

Now when I pull it out to use, I don’t get the worry some stares. As I carry a beautiful Bulldog Brand 2-bladed groundhog with Mother of Pearl handles. When people see me using my knife, the comments are “Wow, that’s nice,” or “That’s beautiful, can I hold it?”


Bulldog Brand Groundhog

I find it’s much easier to change attitudes with beauty over menace.

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