First Production Run Knife

I have picked up a beautiful NiB  Bear Ops Rancor Tactical Folder with Black Zytel Handle and Black Finished Blade.

mc-110-b7-tThe model is MC-110-B7-T


  • Blade Type: Modified Clip
  • Blade Material: CPM-S30V
  • Rockwell: 58-60
  • Length Closed: 4 3/8″
  • Edge Length: 2 7/8″
  • Overall Length: 7 ½”

Marked on the blade is “First Production Run” making this knife a great addition to a collection.

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Why Carry A Knife? Because it Saves Lives!

Kayakers rescued by tour guide with his trusty John Wayne knife

by Joe Kertzman, Managing Editor Blade magazine


Brody Kidd, a guide for Door County (Wisconsin) Kayak Tours, was on a Lake Michigan beach preparing to lead a kayak tour scheduled for noon on June 8th. He spotted three people clinging to the side of their own kayak, which was drifting further out into deep waters because of an offshore breeze. Kidd jumped into his kayak, towing an additional small boat out to the threesome.
It turned into a daring rescue when he realized all three were tangled in ropes, near death and suffering from extreme hypothermia. Kidd pulled out his old John Wayne commemorative folding knife he always carried to cut them loose. He helped a woman into his kayak and two men into the boat, got them to shore and began performing first aid when emergency crews arrived.
Apparently the kayakers went out into Lake Michigan without life vests and got overturned. “I paddled over there as fast as I could,” Kidd said. “It was one of those lucky things that I was there.”
A man and woman in their early 20’s were transported to a Door County hospital where they were treated for hypothermia after spending about 90 minutes in the lake near Cave Point in the town of Jacksonport. The second man was treated and released at the scene of the rescue.
Following this episode, Kidd’s boss, the owner of Door County Kayak Tours decided to buy him something better suited for water rescue – that’s when he received a new CRKT orange-G10-handled “Neckolas” neck knife with a full-tang 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade, a large hole for a finger and a G10 retention sheath.
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Comming In

I have two Lone Wolf (USA Made) knives in pristine condition coming in on Monday. Email me if interested (

Lone Wolf LOBO dual-action auto with Damascus blade & CoCo Bolo scales: $500

Lone Wolf Diablo dual-action auto with very nice looking snake-wood scales & black blade. $350

And a

Microtech Troodon OTF double edged dagger blade built in 2010 with 3.125 inch blade. $325

Up Coming Shows

I’ve added 2 shows I’ll be attending to my calendar on my website.Gun Show

The first is this Sunday at VFW Post 720, 4853 East Thomas Rd., Phoenix, Arizona 85008 Sun. 9am to 3pm

and the second is Next weekend; March 17 & 18, Crossroads of the West Gun Show being held at:

University of Phoenix Stadium 1 Cardinals Dr., Glendale AZ, 85305 Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sundays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


New Lone Wolf Knife by Benchmade

Received notice from Benchmade about the new Lone Wolf folding fish fillet knife. I used to be a Lone Wolf dealer until they sold out to Benchmade. What’s the difference who makes it? When Lone Wolf was their own company, the product standards and materials were very high. They had excellent products and they were made in the U.S.

Looking at the specs for Benchmade’s new Lone Wolf Fillet I noticed the Origin of the knife is listed as IMPORT

Really disappointing and that’s why I’m not a Lone Wolf dealer anymore.

Buy American Sale!

Agree or disagree with Pres. Obama makes no difference if we as a country do not stand together. Thinking on how I can support American manufacturing I’ve decided to place on sale those knife companies that make 100% of their knives in America.

Buy American

So for now until February 29, 2012 get an additional 25% off knives from our already low prices from the following companies:

Case                    ESEE                    Bear & Sons              BearOps

Colonial                GEC                      Paragon                    Pro-Tech

TOPS                   Silver Stag             Queen                       ShadowTech

If there is a company I carry and have over looked, please let me know;

Good and Bad Knife Bills in Washington State

News from our friends at Knife Rights



We have both good and bad news from Washington State.Starting with the good, two companion bills, Senate Bill 6179 and House Bill 2347, would make it legal to manufacture spring-assisted and switchblade knives in the state of Washington. These bills also clarify the definition of a switchblade, or what is referred to in Oregon law as a “spring blade knife,” so as to not include assisted-opening knives that are currently subject to adverse interpretation of the state statute making them technically illegal. In addition, this bill would expand the existing law enforcement exemption for possession of “spring blade knives” to members of the military, full-time first responders and those citizens who hold a valid Washington concealed pistol license (WA is a “shall issue” state).


Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs, Todd Rather, will be in Olympia on Wednesday to testify in support of these bills on behalf of Washington’s knife owners. The bills are a big incremental step forward in a state where any knife with a spring assisted blade has been interpreted as being an illegal knife and where Washington knife manufacturers, such as Fox Knives USA and SOG, were prohibited from even manufacturing these knives in the state, sending those jobs to other states with more rational knife laws, including neighboring Oregon.


The bad news is that last year’s ridiculous anti-knife bill, HB 1006, that would make it illegal to conceal any knife over 3 1/2 inches long, even with a WA concealed pistol permit (since it is not a concealed weapon permit), has been resurrected. In a state where a long coat is a normal part of every outdoor enthusiast’s, fisherman’s and hunter’s attire for a good part of the year, this would turn honest citizens into criminals for carrying a modestly sized sheath knife on their belt, along with quite a few common folding knives longer than the arbitrary length limit. It’s time to put a stake through the heart of this asinine legislation and Knife Rights is working on that.


If you live, work or travel in Washington state, please contact BOTH your Senator and Representative in Olympia and ask them to support SB 1234 and HB 2347, respectively and ask your Representative to help kill HB 1006 for good. Click here to locate your legislators, or the legislators who represent where you work or travel.


Knife Rights v. NYC / DA Vance Lawsuit Update

News from our friends at

Knife Rights

This past Friday, Knife Rights filed its response to New York City’s Motion to Dismiss in our Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against New York City and District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. As with the DA’s earlier motion, the City’s motion was expected and is pro forma in a case such as this.

Much of the City’s motion simply aped the DA’s, but they did manage to come up with their own ludicrous interpretation and expansion of the New York state statute on gravity knives, claiming that somehow the fact that these knives do not require two hands to open is part and parcel of the statute: “If a person is in possession of a knife that can be opened with centrifugal force and locks in the open position by means of a device without the use of the other hand, it is a gravity knife,…” (emphasis added).

As before with the DA’s motion, the Knife Rights legal team, led by attorney David Jensen, have sliced and diced the City’s absurd arguments, laying waste to their arrogant, ill-conceived and baseless motion.

To quote from the introduction in Knife Rights’ papers: “The City seeks judgment on the pleadings for lack of standing and for failure to state a claim. To do so, the City embarks on a fanciful journey that selectively ignores the extensive evidence…Plaintiffs have provided…”

“This is an unconstitutionally vague application of the gravity knife law. The gravity knife law does not provide adequate notice that knives that are designed and intended not to open by gravity or centrifugal force might be prohibited, and the operative test employed by the NYPD is entirely subjective. It is literally possible for one knife to be simultaneously legal and illegal, and a person has no means of conforming his or her conduct to the law’s expectations.

The two documents make for interesting, perhaps even entertaining, reading:

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Paragon Knives – Asheville Steel

Sonoran Desert Knives is now proud to offer Paragon Knives by Asheville Steel

Paragon Knives

In late 2006 The Paragon Cutlery Company ceased production and went out of business. They left behind a legacy of great designs. Armed a full catalog of automatic knives and Seki Made fixed and folding blades, they became a well known knife company.  Asheville Steel L.L.C. was formed to finish pending production and once again resurrect the Phoenix. So now the Paragon Phoenix rises over Asheville, NC. We are dedicated to providing quality cutlery using the finest materials and techniques. The purchase of automatic knives is subject to federal, state and local laws and restrictions.

Watch the website as I continue to add their knives daily.

Now Featuring Barry Dawson Knives!

Barry Dawson

Barry Dawson

For more than a quarter century Dawson Knives has been synonymous with quality, durability and practicality in the knifemaking world. Barry’s knives have seen combat in every major war the USA has seen in the last 25 years, including Operation Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and the war in Iraq, where our soldiers continue to bet their lives on their Dawson blades as they lead the fight for freedom.

Dawson knives and swords have a place of honor in the Dojos of dozens of master martial artists, are proudly worn at the side of our nation’s finest law enforcement officers, and continue to be the hunter and sportsman’s indispensable right hand in the world’s great untamed wildernesses.

Using only the finest materials, both innovative and tried and true designs, closely guarded heat-treat techniques, and most importantly the feedback and input from thousands of satisfied customers, Barry continues to make some of the finest handmade knives and swords in the world today.

Dawson's Alaskan Big Game Hunting Bowie Knife

Dawson's Alaskan Big Game Hunting Bowie Knife

Dawson's California Dagger

Dawson's California Dagger

Dawson Large Up-swept Military Knife

Dawson Large Up-swept Military Knife