Website Relaunch

SDK Website

I’ve been working hard and now the updated version is of is live 5 days earlier then expected.

Just like the older version of the website, you can still find the knives listed under each of the makers name, yet a whole lot easier to use. The new site also features knife categories by Knife Types and a search engine. will now be almost exclusively custom knives. There are some that are factory manufactured, but these are limited editions, rare or hard to find knives and vintage knives. Most of our modern manufactured knives have been moved to our new sister website,

We’re still adding knives to our website almost daily, so please check back often. If you like to new website (or not), please drop me a line and let me know.

Thank You,

Leopold Lacrimosa, Owner


Mehran Cutlery

Just received a large order of knives from Mehran Cutlery. I’ll be posting these knives online this week so keep your eye on the website as these are great Damascus knives at great prices.

Lg Damascus Fighter Bowie Knife

Lg Damascus Fighter Bowie Knife

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The New Sonoran Desert Knives .com

The new website is up and running.
Gone is the mass market knife store.
Instead I’ve replaced it with a much more friendlier site, listing only those knives I feel is a good value for your money. This is what I hear when my customers ask me “I have x amount of dollars, what knife should I buy?”
Each of the knives I list are a good value for your money. This I guarantee! If you buy a knife from me and are not satisified with it, you may return it for your money back.
So, check out the new site and drop me a line and let me know what you think. There’s also a new “Guest Book” page you can comment at.

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Top Skeleton-Framed Knives

Skeleton Framed Knives

For more info on these knives, click on the links bellow:

Mantis Knives MF-1C “Con Brillo”

Buck Knives Paklite

ESEE Knives Izula II

Ka-bar Knives Piggyback

Fighting the Economy with New Lower Pricing!

Who isn’t haven’t problems in this economy. Like everyone else I struggle everyday and it makes me feel bad when people walk away from my show tables because they couldn’t afford a knife. Today, I’m trying to help by lowering my online pricing to their lowest pricing ever. So take a new look at

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Banner Ad

Ok, I know that this is not really a big deal to most people, but I’m excited about it and a bit proud. Maybe that’s why I want to do a little bragging about having my very first banner ad placed on Phil Elmore’s web site  The Martialist. You will find it at the bottom of every page on his site.

Sonoran Desert Knives Banner

Sonoran Desert Knives

The Martialist

The Martialist

Todd Kopp Knives

I’ve added 2 more of Todd Kopp’s knives to the custom knife pages of the website with  several more to come over the next couple of weeks.
If you are not familiar with Arizona’s premier and multi award winning knife maker’s work, then I believe you’ve been hiding under a rock.
There are knife makers and then there are Knife Makers to which only a few such as Todd belongs.
Not just because he is a personal friend of mine, but because he just doesn’t compromise when it comes to crafting one of his pieces.
With no two knives alike, Todd sinks his heart and soul into each crafted piece of art work in which he creates. His knives are renowned as collector pieces not just here in Arizona and across the U.S., but all across the world selling them to collectors in Europe and as far a way as Japan.
If there is only one knife you could own, then it should be a Todd Kopp custom handcrafted knife the likes of which I’m proud to feature on my website.

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